the key for business success: Take care of employee

Aug, 30th 2018

By Borja Arrizabalaga

Resultado de imagen de exito empresarial: cuida de tus empleados, ellos cuidaran de tus clientes

Employee will take care of your customers

The phrase “Take care of your employees that they take care of your customers is by Richard Branson. Is it still valid today?

Richard Branson is the founder of Virgin (Group dedicated to music, travel, and dozens of other things). His future was clear from a very young age. One of his teachers made the prophecy that Richard, 21 years old, would be a millionaire or be in jail.

But today I did not come to tell you about Branson’s life or his merits. But the phrase Take care of your employees that they take care of your customers.

Another of the phrases in the same line of Richard is Your customers are not the first, the first thing are your employees because they are the ones who take care of your customers.

You can not judge the whole world or all the companies. But every day I see more examples of the opposite strategy. The strategy of treating people in the organization as a replaceable resource. Arriving at some point to hear a manager the phrase “I charge the entire team and contract a new one. And believe me, my pulse will not shake ”

Surely in very extreme cases is the easiest and fastest solution. But I ask myself, how have you allowed this situation to happen? And how do you know that by dismissing the whole team the problem will not happen again?

Unfortunately I have seen it more than once in a few years the problem is repeated in the same company and in the same department.

At first, the situation is quickly reversed. That’s right, after spending a lot of hours with selection processes. And after the change comes the learning period of the new team. When everything is working, you have lost an important part of your clients. Some left with your former employees, others lost in the middle of the mess of dismissals and hiring and others left when the new team did not know how to attend to their particularities.

Without going into such extreme cases. I see it again and again. Companies that care less about the human side of business. They forget that in the end companies are people who do business with other people.

Motivation at work has led to tons of studies. Of factors that help improve motivation. Of the profiles of people most suited to the position. Of the relation salary productivity. If it is the organization that motivates the workers or they are the ones who have to come motivated from home and the company should only provide the conditions to maintain motivation.

Reality from my point of view is simpler. And the following formula is always fulfilled:

Take care of your employees = happier employees with their work = more committed employees = Better results in the company.

What results?

An unmotivated and resigned employee will be in charge of doing his job, he can even be an excellent professional, the best in his field. But it will only do what is strictly necessary.

And what is strictly necessary is to enter your time and leave on time. Do the functions you have assigned and no other. If it detects that something is wrong but it is not your responsibility, it will let it go. If you discover a better way of doing things (faster, simpler, cheaper, etc.) you will not tell anyone. And several situations more …

It is difficult to measure the impact of all these “insignificant” small actions. But each of these small insignificant actions several times a day, in several employees, for days, weeks and months. And its effect is cumulative (The effect is cumulative because the failures accumulate these improvements do not lead to better ones, like the effect of compound interest). At the end of a year we will probably not see changes in the income statement. But over time; Demotivated employees generate fewer clients, less loyal customers and fewer sales.

Although the worst is not that, productivity will be lower than the competition, lower income and higher expenses. Each time it will be more difficult for us to compete in the market. Until in the end “the market puts everyone in their place” and our site is outside the market (we have to close the market).

This strategy that any elementary school child can understand. It is difficult to explain it to some “managers”. It is that, in the end, the workers have a problem, they are the most difficult resource to manage. They get sick, they get married, they have children, the children get sick, they move. They want more money, or more time or today something and the next day the opposite.

Sir Richard Branson, who has more than 50,000 employees, is clear about it. The employees come first. To finish I leave you with a personal story of Richard Branson.

He had an employee and he knew that she wanted to leave. But this employee was very good at her job. What did Richard do? He made her his partner, gave him a part of the company where he worked. Why did he do it? I’m not going to tell you because, if not, it happened over the years. He was still counting on his partner and she made the company grow and generate great benefits.

Every company or business emerges and sustains itself in time because there is a customer that meets their needs there. Today a customer can be in your physical business or a business online or virtual.
Getting each client requires a great job of positioning, trust, branding of the company, business or professional in question. In the 21st century, customers are more demanding in terms of the quality of the products and services they expect and seek.
Keeping a satisfied customer is also an arduous and permanent task that is built and sustained based on good customer service, effective communication, careful listening, agreements between the client and the company or professional that make an order / offer with the promise of compliance.

Customer service begins when the customer requests a service or product or from the moment in which as an entrepreneur or professional you offer your product or service.

There begins a network of CONVERSATIONS between order / offer, need / satisfaction.

At this moment that you read my article I ask you to think about the last electronic product that you bought. The company you chose, your salesperson, took the month to call you and find out if you are satisfied?

When were you ever to claim a product that did not turn out as you had been offered, how were you treated? Did you feel heard? Did you feel understood?

When we are in the position of clients we want to be listened to, respected, well taken care of and on that it will depend that trust in that company or professional continues for an upcoming negotiation.

However. If we move on to your position as an entrepreneur, professional or salesperson … how can you evaluate your communication with the client?

Do you know how to communicate effectively? Do you know if your client has felt satisfied with your attention, with your explanation, with your communication?

Many questions, for great answers and as you will see everything has a key point: EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION.

If you are an entrepreneur and you have a work team: that team will work well or badly, depending on the quality of your COMMUNICATION.

If you are a professional, your clients return if they feel heard, understood and trusted in your services. All service that you provide to your clients you do COMMUNICATING IT.

If you are a seller, networker or multilevel company distributor, you always communicate with your followers or downline.

That is, everything we do every day, we do COMMUNICATING. Now … about EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION very little is known.

Do you know how communication works in yourself at the neurological level? Do you know how neurological communication works in your clients, employees, suppliers, etc.?

One of the principles of NLP says that “communication is the result obtained”. That is, if you have poor results in sales, in the fulfillment of your employees’ tasks, in customer service … all part of a great reason: BAD COMMUNICATION.

Behind good communication there is much to learn and discover: body language, tone of voice, the use of words, if we affirm when speaking, if we declare when speaking, if we are confident in speaking, if we commit to the given word, if we know how to listen, if we recognize the other as a worthy other with the right to express ourselves.

As a Master in Neuro Linguistic Programming I can teach you from my SerEnity Institute all these great secrets that will allow you to be a great COMMUNICATOR and confirm that you lead your employees, clients from an EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION.

Participating last night here in Junín Buenos Aires of a Conference with Tom Wise “Management 2012 The new realities”, the writer and consultant mobilized to the businessmen of Junín to become aware that from their human material they CARE FOR THE CUSTOMER because the company lives of the clients and the employee receives the salary thanks to the clients. (see photo here on the right)

So if I come to you explaining that everything we do, we do it COMMUNICATING, I ask you Is there good communication in your company, in the work team and with your clients?

Where the expected result was not reached, there are communication noises that can hide several reasons to modify and these poor results generate large losses in the economy of your company or profession.

Each dissatisfied customer that you lose, does not return anymore and with his bad comment will prevent new clients from reaching your company or service.

If you want to avoid losing customers, lose money, it’s time to invest in training on effective communication to build customer loyalty, attract new customers and maintain satisfied customers that will make your business grow in 2011 and 2012.

So, if you want to give a positive turn to these results and you want to KEEP CUSTOMERS in your company, business or profession, it’s time you invest in learning the success strategies that PNL and Ontological Coaching, which will allow you to

the key for business success: Take care of employee

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