ISO 45001 is aground.


Last May 12 was the deadline to vote on the text of ISO / DIS 45001 by the member countries of ISO / TC 283, responsible for the future standard.

The result of the vote on the draft international standard makes it necessary to resort to a new round of debate, not meet one of two requirements for approval. The project has received the support of 71% of the countries, which satisfies 2/3 of necessary support for the adoption of international standards, but 28% of negative votes exceeds the set limit of 25%. Among the negative votes were those of France, Germany, Italy, Australia, Canada and the United States.

This vote has generated numerous technical comments to improve the text, so it is necessary that the ISO / TC 283 generates a new version of the document to vote on the document by the national body members normalization, which almost certainly , if approved, will move the issue of the future ISO 45001-2017.


timeline 45001

The Australian delegation has made public the reasons for their negative vote, which are basically three:

The definition of health and safety risk
Treatment of the consultation process
A greater emphasis on applying well known rather than unnecessary risk assessment processes corrective measures.
To prepare the new text, the ISO / TC 283 shall meet at least twice to address comments received and adjust the wording of the new document. The first working session is convened in Toronto for the full week of June 6, and it should be considered if it launches another project, the text is degraded to the category of technical report or project is paralyzed.

Attached the PDCA model


a figura of high level structure:


and 5 keys of norm:

claves 45001

ISO 45001 is aground.

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