27 herramientas lean

Kaizen Mindset

KM1                    Mission Statement

KM2                    Key Corporate Objectives

KM3                    Long Term Business Plan

KM4                    Annual Policy & Activity

KM5                    Reporting Method for annual policy

KM6                    Operational Standardization & Kaizen

KM7                    Performance Metrics

Built In Quality/IN Station Quality 

ISQ1                    Quality Management System

ISQ2                    Standardized Work

ISQ3                    Andon

ISQ4                    Error Proofing

ISQ5                    PDCA

Just-In Time

JIT1                       New Product Introduction

JIT2                       Continuous Flow

JIT3                       Takt Time

JIT4                       Pull Systems/Kanban

JIT5                       Lean Layout

JIT6                       Quick Change Over

Operational Stability

OS1                      6S

OS2                      Visual Management

OS3                      Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

OS4                      Heijunka (Level Production)

Culture of Empowerment

CE1                       Mutual Trust and Respect

CE2                       Safety and Ergonomics

CE3                       Teamwork and Work Teams

CE4                       Skill Development

CE5                       Flexible Workforce

27 herramientas lean

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