Violin Lover, never define me as a violinist. For me, people who have a relationship with this instrument are classified based on something as subtle and yet so obvious as talent. So there violinists of truth, violin professionals, people who play well and who, despite everything and with little effort, they make it sound, including myself included.

Lack of talent does not remove the ability to integrate some crucial aspects and to develop certain activities getting some impact on the environment, but as it is added talent a dimension that allows progressively identify the person was also acquires that capacity, being able to even get to build it as an icon. In short, it is a violinist is part of the range model one is, fiddling of what one does.

If move, this example would fit like a glove in the reality of many people who have managerial responsibilities. On the one hand there would be real leaders, they would have people leading [one could also say that direct] and eventually we would find who, quite simply, commands.

About leadership are, within the management, gave a speech that goes from the geneticists positions advocating identify chromosomes a unique genome of the leaders, even those who claim that it is possible to identify in the fundus any retina, the flame of leadership. Personally I run certain crippling issues like these that refer to whether the leader is made or born. It has always given me in the nose that these kinds of questions, more or less consciously, carrying the weight of these capabilities in hereditary factors and wage, those who are considered without that brand DNA, to learn other ways to reach desirable results. For me, anyone with the right intention and willingness dose may arrive at once undreamed shores. And that’s what really matters.

Parallel to these digressions, no one is aware that, with the overvaluation of the word “leader” has been trivialized and diluted its meaning relating freely with anyone who has a leading position when being a leader it involves basically represent flesh a number of values to be key to a given social reality and in which some followers are involved, because we must not forget that a leader must have followers.

From this point of view, being a leader goes far beyond what we found in normal situations and what is usually required to anyone. Genuine leadership have haylo and, when given, it is natural that develops spontaneously and obviously in those with a certain talent, and make a brash use and sweeping of this capability in the space of freedom that feature.

What really is important is to note that, without pretending to be a leader, and as in the case of the violin, one can consider lead. That is, it is consistent with a set of values and promote a project in a particular direction, aligning a group of persons for the same goals. To this must only be paid due attention to the reality that the team and the importance in this regard are the relationships established targets.

You stand in front to pull a team becomes when it comes to lead, in one option among others, as they can be put behind to push, or beside or inside to accompany it. The key is to choose depending on the situation and the characteristics of people, something much more in line with the current time where leadership is to be understood in the context of a relay race and where, depending on how you look at it, we need not both leaders and people capable of liderarcuando the situation requires.

This post comes from one of those vague reflections in which I am immersed at the time of an action that I have to perform next week in Bilbao on Leadership in times running week …


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