Social skills are the behaviors that allow us to relate satisfactorily with others, which affects our health and well-being.

It has been shown that these are the skills that most influence our happiness over the medium and long term (above money or professional successes). However, they were never taught to us during our childhood.

Maybe because everyone believes there is nothing to learn.

Although many people fail to develop them by psychological constraints such as shyness or social phobia, social skills are not innate. You have not been born serialized with better or worse abilities, and that means two things:

    Although it is usual to acquire them during the first years of life, they are behaviors and therefore anyone can learn them at any age.

    The science of social psychology has identified the most effective and has shown that it is possible to convert them into habits.

You can change your way of relating to the world and yourself. Once you learn to live with your beliefs and limiting thoughts you will be able to leave shyness behind, maintain fluid conversations and express yourself assertively.

I know because during my childhood I was a very shy boy. After a complicated adolescence and several social failures I got the courage to make a change in my life. I started a long search to understand the fundamentals of social skills and understand why there were people capable of transmitting so much charisma and enjoying their relationships.

My parents, both psychologists, had instilled in me as a child an interest in the study of human behavior. And thanks to my scientific training I was able to access hundreds of psychological investigations that little by little revealed to me the keys to personal relationships.

Looking back, the change I have experienced has been very great. Fears that previously paralyzed me have stopped doing it, and I feel able to connect with others and express myself with confidence.

In short, I feel more free.

After several years I decided to start this blog to share everything I have learned and collected during this trip that has not yet finished. My goal is that you do not have to go through all the work that I carry behind me and you can improve your social life in the strongest possible way.
What will you find in Social Skill?

Here you will learn the practical part of the science of social skills. Assertiveness and empathy are very important skills, but they are not everything. You will discover the most appropriate behaviors to relate better with others and with yourself, and the most effective strategies to eliminate your social fears.

In Social Skill you will only find scientifically backed resources that will help you improve your social relationships, such as:
Overcome fears

Social fears such as shyness generate a lot of anxiety and are very responsible for the lack of social skills. As they are irrational and have become habits, few people really know how to fight against them. However, science has shown that it is possible to overcome them definitively, either by changing your thoughts or accepting them.
Emotional intelligence

As important as leaving behind your fears is to express your own emotions in a healthy way and understand why your feelings lead you to act in a certain way. In this way you can coexist better with your emotions and empathize with people.

There are many ways to communicate. Here you will understand which generate more proximity and avoid conflicts, and also the most appropriate to express your emotions. You will also learn the keys of the conversation that will allow you to dialogue in a fluid way without being constantly suffering if you are left with nothing to say.

The psychology of persuasion is a very useful tool to understand the decision-making processes and influence the choices of others. It will allow you to defend yourself against manipulation attempts and be more convincing in a natural way.
Body language

Not everything is verbal communication. Understanding body language is necessary to express yourself effectively and understand the emotional states of others. Many misunderstandings arise from an incorrect interpretation of nonverbal language.

You can also use social psychology to improve your attractiveness and understand some seduction behaviors that we are sometimes not able to explain rationally.
Improve your social skills
Transform your social skills with the science of charisma

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