The  polymer that creates rain.

Solid Rain is called Potassium Acrylate hydrated with rainwater. Sergio Jesus Rico Velasco, a Mexican engineer of the National Polytechnic Institute, was responsible for finding this innovative way to retain rainwater, making it a solid element. With only 10 grams of plastic polymer that can absorb up to one liter of water.

Solid water is biodegradable, non-toxic and retain the liquid until 8 years, helping crops grow in extreme climates. This biodegradable polymer can retain up to 200 times its weight in water for 6 weeks.

The acrylate polymer is marketed potassium biodegradable powder is hydrated with rainwater and becomes a gel capable of retaining water for 40 days. This helps plants because they can be hydrated without having to wait rainfall or irrigation, improving its development.

The application of the “silos of water”, which has a powdered form, is simple: are buried in the ground at the height of the root and when it rains the water becomes solid (prevents the liquid from leaking or evaporating) . The water remains so while being consumed by the plant according to the will need. Once the moisture of the polymer is completed, it again becomes dust when it rains again and again encapsulate the water, remaining on earth for a period of eight to ten years. The use of solid rain through “silo water” is unique in the world, as well as better use of water, it can store liquid in bags, drums, buckets and bottles of PET, in case of the absence of the manifestation rain, it do not change the pH, salts and nutrients.

According Sergio Rico, only 25 kg of product are required per hectare of crop, saving 80% of the production costs. It also reduces costs in water infrastructure, since in many cases are not necessary other irrigation systems.

This product is already distributed in countries such as Argentina, Ecuador, India, Russia, Peru, Spain or the United Arab Emirates.

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The polymer that creates rain

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