Trends in business management: CRM and ERP cloud

The continuous movement to consolidate and strengthen business areas and increasing competition and business rivalry has caused changes in the way of managing companies. For example, greater flexibility, adaptability and mobility is required when running a business or perform an activity.

Currently, companies are continually competitive “war”, not only price, which in times of difficult economic situation are those that are commonly used, but also on customer loyalty. The new marketing strategies focus on the market and the consumer, in order to build loyalty and create engagement. In view of this, the management of the customer base is very important in business, not to neglect any relationship. Therefore, the use of CRM (Customers Relationship Management) is expanding, namely Social CRM. Increasingly, companies opt to use CRM programs but normally used large enterprises, something that must change, as the self-employed, entrepreneurs and SMEs should benefit and maximize customer relationships through these technologies.

But we must not forget the workers of enterprises, as service sales and after sales help engage those customers. Thus the use of ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning) serve enterprise resource planning in order to have greater organizational control and even reduce financial, commercial or fiscal problems.

Another aspect that influences is that currently the company has to be continuously connected to the requirements of demand and market. And with the era 2.0 and 3.0 is possible, that is, thanks to the Internet and the cloud (cloud computing) self-employed, entrepreneurs and legal entities can maximize communication and transmission of information of its business management, can increase and monetize their activity. Always safely and without taking up space.

All this and more includes an innovative business management software that it has developed STEL Solutions. It is called STEL Order and aims to help entrepreneurs, freelancers and small businesses to manage their business more intelligently.

CRM and ERP in the cloud


The novelty is that management must not only be in an office, but moved to the street. That is, STEL Order offers a true mobile experience because it allows you to control, administer and manage your business wherever you are, in real time, simply from your mobile or tablet. The native app, allows you to work even without an Internet connection.

Trends in business management: CRM and ERP cloud

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