Tarragona consultoria: 10 trends for the future leaders of business

The business world is changing rapidly. Have clear ideas on complex changes is not easy. What are the trends decisive change in the coming years in the business world?

We have consulted some prominent sources of the world of consulting and business prospects and all this selection of ten trends that we insert below seemed to us the most suggestive. The issue has been the subject of media attention. As button displays the image on the right reproduces the cover of Time: “Ideas that are changing the world”.
10 trends for the future leaders of business

1. The business and technology have merged into a single system, it is a unique global strategy for one world. This is central to understanding the new future.

2. Innovation is closely linked to new business models, company and sectoral collaboration, new leadership and knowledge engineering.

3. Knowledge engineering, training and networking of knowledge is what really produces results; actually is the real asset of the 21st century.

4. The capture and analysis of customer information related to a product (or service) -use, needs, wants, desires and behavior-is mission critical for the company today.

5. The customer integration through various points of contact and through all channels is essential for the future success of the company. Paying attention to details can make the difference.

6. The ability of a business organization to understand the key trends that will shape the future of technology, customers, society and the market will determine the survival of the company. That is why we are writing this post :-).

7. The company will receive other relevant impacts or distortions from fields as diverse as emerging market companies, commerce and electronic services, violation of safety codes, and demographic changes in customers. Issues for which also should be prepared.

8. Human capital, the value of talent is the most valuable resource in the 21st century.

9. New Disruptive sectors. It must start from the fact that entirely new industries will be formed from innovations that have not yet been introduced in the market. Major changes may occur in sectors such as health improvement, interactive television, nanotechnology, and supply chains on demand.

10. In the near future will require new business leaders are aware of how to attract talent, manage innovation, generate long-range visions and ability to run them profitably. There is an emerging new paradigm of leadership that the company should strive to understand and apply.

Tarragona consultoria: 10 trends for the future leaders of business

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