What do exceptional teams have in common?

What are the patterns that repeat teams that we can call exceptional? These patterns are the fruit of one of the rigorous investigations that Jim Collins has done in his long professional career. The plot thread of the pattern ends in a word: Discipline.

Excellent teams and organizations share disciplined people, thoughts and actions.

What do we mean when we talk about this?

Disciplined people: Every exceptional team shares the idea that the first is WHO. The right people are the most important asset.

What do these people have in common? Undoubtedly a series of essential attributes such as self-motivation, orientation to action and self-confidence. They are proactive people, they make consistent choices, they work as a team and are committed to co-creation.

These people demonstrate high leadership (what Collins calls a level 5 leadership) that is a perfect mix of humility and professional will, where unflagging determination plays with motivation through high standards of its own.

Disciplined Thoughts: They rely on the idea of ​​confronting facts with openness and awareness, maintaining a clear and simple central strategy. A strategy based on the hedgehog concept. A defined strategy aligning values, skills and opportunities in a simple way and minimizing ambiguity.

These disciplined thoughts allow for autopsies of what happened “without guilt”, stimulating open and honest debates, allowing to discuss the indisputable thanks to having generated environments of deep trust in a culture of continuous learning.

Disciplined actions: Adhered with passion to the simplicity of the concept of the hedgehog and focused with intensity, which allows them to handle the duality between consistency and freedom.

All these actions that are generated in a culture of discipline are very present technological accelerators but never falling into the mode of technology. They focus on carefully selecting the technology that best fits their needs and use it to accelerate momentum, not to create it.

The disciplined actions are coordinated and are characterized by generating effective communication where emotional intelligence plays a definitive role in achieving the success of these teams

What do exceptional teams have in common?

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