What is customer centricity?

Customer centricity is about going beyond being kind to your customers and activating a whole marketing and sales strategy to create a series of actions that meet the true needs and desires of customers.

That is why it is crucial to know your customers first-hand; Their problems and needs in order to be able to offer them what they need and to do exactly.

A strategy based on customer centricity, will be based on developing a conceptualization, a series of methods adapted to each type of client. In this way the benefits of the company are maximized in the long term and the engagement with the client is more solid.

In the case of logistics, the subject that occupies us today, the customer centricity will focus on offering a better flow of delivery of the products of a company. With this we mean the processes of storage, distribution and after-sales service. With a market as large and competitive as the Internet, these factors are no longer important but essential.

The customer centricity goes back to 1967 when a stranger at the time Lester Wunderman created the concept of direct marketing. Wunderman already understood at the time the value of systematically and verbally recording habits, problems and buying habits of customers.

Customer Centricity: Focusing deliveries on your customers

These principles today are still retained but things have changed a lot since then and customers are now more demanding than ever. So how do you carry out a customer centricity strategy today?

The first thing is to try to discard all those ideas about customer relations and start thinking differently. Objectively assess performance metrics and internal and external processes.

It is also important to think again about organizational design. Less hierarchical structures lead to more innovation and enable smoother communication with customers.

The customer centricity does not treat all customers equally. Identify those most valuable and important before even defining strategies whose goal is to perform to the maximum and find more clients of great value.

These customers constitute an asset and provide a competitive advantage over other brands in the same industry.

This is something that airlines and hotels understood many years ago. It is something that banks have understood since the money exists, which Amazon was clear from day one, that casinos and luxury brands plan in minute detail … It is something that the major global supermarket chains owe their great success : Your customer-centric initiatives determine each and every one of your strategic decisions.

Therefore, in the logistics messaging sector, the customer becomes an asset that provides great advantages for one company well above others.

Customer Centricity: Focusing deliveries on your customers

The different companies in the sector are starting to realize that with the customer service it is no longer just about producing the best product. It is about satisfying all the needs of each of your customers and doing it better than your competitors do. In short, it is about creating the best delivery experience possible. And for this the basic thing is to know all the customers first hand; What buy? Why buy? What do you like and do not like? How is he? How would you like to be? Etc.

But the truth is that perhaps in most cases knowing the customer perfectly is complicated. In the end, the client does not know what he wants until he sees it with his own eyes.

That is why working side-by-side with the client and getting to know him as much as possible is necessary if we are to thrive in the distribution and logistics sector.

What is customer centricity?

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