Construction site crane building Strategy 3D word. Part of a series.
Construction site crane building Strategy 3D word. Part of a series.

In a context of permanent change is not easy to survive, let alone grow and develop. Precisely why planning. Because you can not wait until the reality still remains then take risks, nor can take inappropriate risks. What we need is a plan!

The following are my ten key aspects to be considered for a successful strategic planning process. The development on a personal level, so that the reader take these points and think for your life. Only then can then be applied to a more complex reality, embracing us and contains, and with which we interact.

The context is always changing, but for several decades until today the pace of change has accelerated. This simply confirms that force will always be that famous phrase: “the only constant is change”. And one must add to this changing environment, also our own, we are permanently and are not the same.
Our change must be equivalent to personal development. Not just any change, never the simple adaptation to the environment, that forge us at will, like a leaf on a stormy night, going back and forth, but rather a thought change, aware that I am perfectible, and leadership in which I walk.
It is clear that we all are perfectible, but it is common to see how the change, operating safe in our environment and in us, so often becomes personal involution. Involution a person has to do with the inability to know himself and lack of will. On the contrary, devote time to self-knowledge will allow several simultaneous things:
acceptance of self,
identify areas for improvement and work on them,
be aware of one’s strengths and
discover the deepest desires that arise the healthy psyche.
Think the gap between the future to which I turn if I will make no changes today, versus future that I want so much, and it would make me so happy. Unless following think this gap make decisions to modify the own day, this gap planning will enlarge over time, without fail, because persist in error, step by step, day by day, the distance between the future to which I head, and the desired future, will widen. This means that you must be well aware that small changes today, will generate great results tomorrow. The gap between future scenarios do not come from nowhere, but a steady walk wrong, asleep, unaware of the importance of being present today in the present.
The only reality is the present. Rethinking the future (based on self-knowledge) is the inspiration of change, but beware, the only possible change is today.
The context influences me, I never determined. the risk of being thought by the context is run. Our mental model is fraught with self-imposed limitations. You have to release them.
The more open the mental model, unless the context influences me in the crazy sense of change, but I will be much more aware of my relationship with the environment, I become more flexible, and I am open to learning.
Think complex and systemically. With regard to development, cause and effect are hardly close in time and space. Small changes today, with perseverance, cause great results tomorrow.
Long-term vision. Involves not expect immediate results, but do the right thing today for the expected result, or better, is a logical consequence of a change in attitude or behavior that is held naturally in time, without forcing or blame anyone.
Inspired and inspire others. The best way to know if one is on the road that leads to development, is discovered inspiring other people nearby. The congruence between what is said and done, and what is done and the desired future is the result of an inner depth that one does not show the four winds with the air of superiority so unpleasant the egomaniac, but the environment finds one those virtues that shine only when live, and only appreciate those who are awake.
Located on what is important. In this society of the dispersion, and where there is so much information, it is difficult to concentrate and distinguish the important from the urgent and superfluous, as my grandfather separates the wheat straw.


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