Why not match my inventory?

One of the questions that many companies make is this, why do not match the inventory?

Despite having picking systems bar code, or other highly specialized software, when the annual inventory day arrives, there are many variations that no one can explain.

What can we do?

One of the ideas we have to consider is the 20/80 rule or Pareto rule tells us that 20% of the items produces 80% of sales.

So that 20% of items are those that have more movement and more likely that changes will have on our annual inventory.

So if we controlled that 20% of articles, we controlled most of the inventory.

So, how do we control?


A simple system is the kanban system, which as you know is a system reset by cards that allows us to replace the product when it reaches the minimum amount indicated on the card.

So far everything is something known, right? . So what does the kanban with the inventory?

Well, when we put on the panel kanban replenishment card for the runner replace the missing units, we can do more.

We can ask the operator to physically count the units left in the location and point in a post-it that will join the kanban card, so we have done a quick count of the product automatically and before replenishing the stock we can see that the amount left in the location block with what the computer system.

If block perfect, if not, then we must begin to analyze because there are such deviations.

An example will be better understood.

Suppose we have a product A which is in the kanban. The maximum amount is 100 units and the minimum 50.
To make it easy, we’ll put the kanban replenishment between units of the product, so that when we go consuming and reach 50 units, the kanban is visible.

At that time the operator is the card and know you have to put it on the panel to replace the runner. But just then the operator picking recounts the stock remains, write it down on a post-it and stick it to the card, leaving the panel.

The runner will collect the cards and deliver it to the post team leader to check the stock on the computer, and continue to go to the location of pallets to replace the 50 units missing from the picking location.

As you see it is a very simple system that allows us to make inventories daily, because almost every day kanbans are reset, and that allows you to control several references 20% of items with maximum rotation.

If you want to move more, you can put more kanban articles for medium rotation and perform the same system.


Thus the articles A and B will be controlled almost daily, while the C who have very little rotation will control not until the semi-annual or annual physical inventory.

What is very important is if verified because we variations in the stock, this is an analysis that can be done in a kaizen workshop.

As you see it is easy to read, with very simple tools such as kanban cards, but not easy, because people get tired of using it, that’s where you have to work with your people to be disciplined and follow procedures.

Why not match my inventory?

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