Nike European Logistics Campus
50 kilometers from Antwerp, between green fields and along the Canal Albert, is the newly expanded ‘European Logistics Campus’ Nike, which allows the textile giant and sports equipment developed today “the logistics of the future” they claim from the company.

In terms of sustainability, the main logistics center of the company in Europe highlighted by a commendable commitment to renewable energy.

The center operates with 100% renewable energy and energy sources generated locally from five sources: wind, solar, geothermal, hydropower and biomass. In its environs they have been installed six windmills that generate enough electricity to power 5,000 homes, while the solar panels installed on your roof could cover three football fields power.

Beyond energy sources, its strategic location also brings a more sustainable logistics. Their infrastructure channels around Albert Channel allows 99% of containers entering the installation by sea do, eliminating 14,000 road operations per year. Along the canals, the center is also fueled both by road and by rail.

All aspects of the logistics network are optimized to achieve a string of “simple, flexible and scalable” supply point from Nike.

Service to 38 countries

Through this platform, which currently employs more than 3,000 people, the company meets the demand of more than 38 countries, mainly from Europe but also from other parts of the world, including both shipments e-commerce in particular as the great demands retailers.

The store sits on the shelves themselves, to have dispensed with a traditional construction that would have generated more costs and waste. In addition, 95% of the waste generated at the facility are recycled.

On the other hand, note that vehicles operating in the center using biofuels generated by the waste itself, while internal storage cranes use a regeneration system similar to hybrid cars energy.

The company even gives bicycles to workers who agree to go to the installation by this means 50% of days, electric bikes should be living more than 15 km from ‘European Logistics Campus’.

Nike already operates in “the logistics center of the future”

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