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Kanban Boards
Kan means Visual
Ban means Card

Hi, let’s talk about Kanban, an excellent basic Lean Manufacturing tool. In this post we want to detail the meaning of Kanban, existing Kanban types its rules and Kanban software.

Kanban board

The kanban as we said it is a lean manufacturing tool, which is based on the activities of the production process by means of visual cards and these are placed on boards. The purpose of activating activities is to reduce downtime and inventories in the production process.

To understand Kanban we must refer to the pull system in which it shows us that the production process must be based on customer demand. This means that we should not produce more than what our client is inetrno or external will use. Kanban uses visual cards or inventories of physical products with their respective limits to not produce more than necessary.

Types of Kanban to use

Two types of Kanban boards can be determined:

Production kanban: In this type of system cards are used as a signal to drive production processes, which tells the staff to know when to produce and how much to produce.

Kanban of the transport of materials or products: Kanban system in which the visual cards are used as signals in order that the personnel detrmine when passing the product or material to the following process.

Kanban Rules

This tool has 6 important rules that we must take into account when producing with Kanban system to be successful:

Do not pass defective products to the next process
Take only what is necessary from previous processes.
Produces only what is necessary for the following processes
Level production
Tune production
Stabilizes the process
Implementation of Kanban

1. Designate place to materials and products, this allows us to observe which products are out of place. I tell you that when you do it you will realize that you will have to locate these products that are out of place in transient inventories which you must eliminate with continuous improvement.

2. Placing boards with visual cards so that the staff knows the quantity and moment to produce or pull what is necessary. In this way the inventories created in point 1 are limited and controlled at all times.

3. Continuous improvement: see the KAIZEN post

Example of Kanban:

Kanban system Click image to expand

I recommend you to see the book in which you talk more about this topic:

Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business (Spanish Edition)

Kanban Software:

It is important at this stage that the kanban system can help us not only in manufacturing but also for administrative processes.

For these administrative processes I recommend you to see several kanban Software that are on the market:


LeanKit Kanban
Kanban Board
Target Process
A good book for using kanban software is:

Task Management with Kanban: Introduction to Visual Work Management (Spanish Edition)

Kanban Boards

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