The six styles of leadership of the best bosses.

1. The Guru
Are you an expert in your field? Do people often come to you for answers? Are you considered a true leader in your work, or even in your industry? Congratulations, you’re a kind of guru. However, use your gift in moderation, or fall into the trap of looking like a wise guy whose ego is above the views and needs of your team.


2. The questioner
It is diametrically opposed to the style guru. Instead of relying on the experience does the ability to ask the right questions and test the minds of others, enhancing creativity. This style uses on your computer when all are bright and just need someone to raise their talent to the Nth degree. Use it sparingly when your team is not comfortable with the debate and criticism

3. The conductor
In the day to day business this is usually the style that works best. The conductor makes sure that everyone is contributing something and is heard, and strives to maintain a good atmosphere.

director de orquesta

4. The Motivator
Your obsession is quality and motivate the rest to think what it means to be the best. You put your employees high goals (although not as much as you impose to yourself), and know how to enforce them through a mix of discipline and hard work. However, beware: such a high goal that is unattainable can be as demotivating or more than easy to get.


5. Coach
This kind of boss is well aware of each employee individually. The best part of this style of leadership is that in doing so, also the quality of the whole organization increases. They know that when it comes to train someone for a job, the description is better than prescription. The downside is that, unfortunately, not everyone is ready to be trained.


6. The idealist
Some people see as wrong idealistic being. However, when we talk about leadership, there is nothing more valuable than a person capable of imagining the future in a big way and inviting to dream by how difficult the circumstances. Idealists bosses push the rest to believe that a better tomorrow is possible, but often need a little reality hit to put your feet back on the ground.


The six styles of leadership of the best bosses.

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