His first review fue in libro Out of the Crisisescrito by Deming in 1986 and its validity is universal, siendo applicable to both a small Business as a large compañía y manteniendo its operativity tanto in empresas dedicadas in the manufacture as in organization of services. For applications across the muestra los 14 puntos por compromiso a part of the leaders of an organization with lean continues the quality.

The abstract and the Applications (and my point of view) :

1. Create constancy in the report of product improvement

Objective whatever the final ganar company in the Business Competitiveness and held, for which the shares are necesarias the research, training, innovation (Allocation of resources largo plazo) * y mejora continues. Se deben considering both the performances corto plazo como Media, the first option acquires special relevance maintain the quality of our product or service ahead of our clients in modo that podamos keep nuestra quota Market fear across the visions medio y largo plazo involves continuously mejorar nuestra Competitiveness of podamos mode that retains nuestra organización.

Note *. Objetivo primordial curiously this is not so clear in the generation muchas Entities where money is considered the main purpose of Business.
2. Adopt the new philosophy

Esta nueva “Religion” is the quality defectos the spikes, the errors, Formation inadecuada conllevan demerits in a cualquier prestige of Organizational face to your customers. Gratuitos are no mistakes and the lack of a trusted product and / or service (and the brand that it BACKS) rises to the costs, whilst a service in which they confía Reduce them. The quality and their approach in the best aceptarse still owes the organizational philosophy as y trabajo “soak” with all the organizational processes.
3. quit depend on the quality arrange for inspection

Include Objective is the quality in the product or service from the START and processes in every Organization. The massive inspection for the purpose of mejorar la calidad be considered as “the planning of the defectos” and the consideration of the capacity of the proceso carece be carried out satisfactorily. The approach “tour” hacia la responsabilidad de los trabajadores Propios as main factors for each proceso (empowerment).
4. End the practice of hacer negocios con on the basis of price

The generation of Business market only factor jugando con el precio sin sentido carece of a quality that endorses the product or service. El precio bajo just a afectando Our relations with the Suppliers whose “PROLIFERATION” afectando just to our own Business in medio plazo *. The search relaciones con buenos Integration and Suppliers in medio y largo plazo con objeto de mejorar nuestros productos y / o los servicios aprovechando Suppliers these resources and talented and the most strait trabajo con nuestra Entity.

* Clarification. The Cost of a product not its purchase price but the price of its use.

5. Improve continuously the quality and producción system

Su objetivo end the constant cost reductions under the “input” of quality in every processes that make the Entity. Quality is the global vuelve y deja departments or be an influence on the market only area of ​​production, Entering all the area of ​​organizational and deals from the generation until the after-sales service including the Leadership own the company. Toda Organization owes part of La Mejor continues debiendo seek optimization in the selection of staff, run the appropriate formación the best Allocation of trabajos y dar la oportunidad de aprender a todo el mundo y con su talento collaborate. It makes it the risk that the Directorate of ESFUERZO it carries out a continuous mode Stands forced to Reducing the wasted y mejorar la calidad continuously.


6. Implement Training
Punto vital in Deming philosophy that considers trabajador como parte relevante La Mejor continues to achieve. The qualification of the personnel and their adecuación continues to be essential to arrange the risk of each individual and his accomplishments con su trabajo de un modo satisfactory. Los trabajadores deben tener las habilidades necesarias para conocer su trabajo be made if a mode of correcto well as the possibility of acting on the problems that puedan-show (starting point of the incremental innovation).

7. Adopt and implement the Leadership

In all the Entities Leadership is the risk of the Directorate (así como con responsabilidad de cualquier charge). The implementation of the Organization of the quality in todos los niveles, Att (y correcto Treatment) of Suggestions * and the “delivery · de los equipos y tecnología Necessary and appropriate actions are vital to the Directorate (curiously has been in the version of 2015 ISO 9001 donde por palabra this end Aparecido has, at least in its spanish version). Actions Guide y apoyo a los trabajadores well as the recognition of the best aptitudes are requisitos its current Leadership today.

* Remarks. I recommend reading my article “Managment by Walking Around”.
8. rejects the Fear

The lack of security that make them different trabajadores Organization is a factor relevante view to making mistakes. The Fear to the changes, “paraliza” los miembros de la gente an organization spikes “deja” to perform its tareas por miedo a confundirse. Build a model of confianza para enfrentarnos the Incertidumbre (which will always be with us) is an important point that the leaders of the company * deben trabajar, actions of qualification and communication are important tools to Aprovecha.

Note. Ishikawa defiende 85% of the errors are in the organizations of the Directorate risk.
9. Break down the Barriers between departamento

Competition “insane” between different area of ​​organizational (principalmente fear them limitados Resource Organization) as well as the determination Objectives por parte de la Dirección to the various departamentos without a common logic (in no small occasions the goals of an area they enter in contradiction with the one next door) are the errors that anulan eficiente trabajo (the beneficial and the Entity). The solutions Pasanen trabajo por promote and implement a real team trabajo por las Barreras processes that can jump between departamentos and organizational structures in most horizontales. Por otro lado owes fomentarse the Learning continuo staff y ganar a vision the more extensive the company where possible (the meeting of the systems of quality are a buena herramienta para este particular) and create an atmosphere that prime Cooperation opposite the internal competition.
10. Eliminate slogans, exhortations and Goals

Deming was a real advocate that the Propios systems tenián a “limit” of quality and it is not can require a trabajador more of what the proceso permite, por tanto was partidario that the mayor parte de los problemas eran los propios implemented systems (common causes) and how only a small part of the problems it causes special Debian. This is the starting point of the NEED leader in promoting organizational system continues mejora (Beyond market only to achieve and maintain the Quality Certificate) and the Integration of trabajar para todo el mismo staff on. Determining motto or goal that try to overcome the limits of the system are the origin of internal rivalries y baja calidad.
11. Remove the numerical quotas

This point is on the line Allocation Objectives of the achievements of a certain quota (manufacturing, sales, etc.), sin tener la calidad del proceso into account and not just observando pretendido numerical factor. This line Tasa conlleva a very high inefficiency of the barbed trabajador Esfuerzo is in achieve its goal of cualquier modo sin ningún momento consider in Danish or deterioration in medio plazo para la organización. The solution is in marked todo momento least calidadadecuado each proceso para mejorar y and continuously monitor the Process itself.
12. Remove Barriers
At this point Deming focuses on eliminating NEED periodicals, staff evaluations or systematic merits of that last case a competition Crean and interior are fuente negative confrontations. La Mejor y desarrollo de los trabajos correcto be a deben SUPPORT supervisión buena y del trabajo Leadership in equipos y tener adecuados resources. Debe formarse and informarse TRY Los trabajadores, they are deben example objetivos en su trabajo de un modo course, be dirigidos and supervised by a mode correcto y tener access to their resources (including tiempo necesario) adecuados of modo that encourages its Participation active in the system run.

13. Encourage education

Muy related with point 6 Definido anteriormente. Deming ya adelantaba Training plans Debian proponerse online with the Vision and Mission of the Organization and “entroncando” with the business strategy to every level of the Organization. The ultimate aim is to secure your occupancy puestos de trabajo por personal responsibility and competence con suficiente, fomentando La Mejor continues. Deming defended that the trabajadores y specially the cargo con responsabilidad Debian formarse in methodologies de trabajo team y Técnicas Statistics (non debemos forget the mayor referente to processes producción y fabricación por parte Deming y sus trabajos as regards the statistical process control) .
14. arrange for the Transformation Act

management of change  is an important point in the systems of quality and the processes of the organizations Mejor continues. The systematic implementation of the quality of a liderazgo demand effective direction that exceeds the “seven mortal Disease.” The qualification of the personnel and their Integration in todo el proceso de calidad y compromiso own precise concienciación trabajo y (provided that they con el ejemplo) towards the high * Objet achieve the success of the whole process

Observations. The correct implementation of a Management System demands the real implications of the Directorate of Contracting Beyond the un buen consultant and the determination of a Quality Manager. Tal y como el mejor consultant commented alguien puede Never replace a bad directive.
Confident Cycle Deming as Tool for La Mejor continues as well as the implications of the formation and “to promote” de todo staff in the quality systems they continue in 2014,
“Management Mandate owes tener pride in new applications in the Philosophy and nuevas responsabilidades adquiridas. Debe tener Romper with the Courage of tradition, even up to the point that sits between an exiled similares about. ”

W. E. Deming. Consultant american diffuser concepts of total quality


Deming Legacy: 14 points of lean manufacturing

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