The eight trends that will change the logistics

Clean energy, megacities , smartphones , 3D printers or Big Data are a few factors that will change the logistics in the future.


my vision about the future of logistics, eight are the trends that companies need to observe that will change the logistics of the next 30-50 years.

As recorded by the regional daily, the first of these trends is clean energy. In this sense, Blanco, stressed that the large logistics companies invest in clean technologies, which aim to reduce consumption and therefore the final cost per kilometer, and for this reason the distribution will be affected with greater cost flexibility fuel.

The second factor that will alter the future of logistics will be smartphones. Logistics is “operation that integrates information, physical flow and cash flow.” Today you can make the first and the last action instantly and “hand of an intermediary, but the consumer or customer purchase”, which “changes the role it can play a logistics company,” says Blanco.

Third, are the megacities, where the companies will work “with public and private entities in the delivery of goods” and will represent 60% of world GDP.

Another noteworthy trend is the sharing economy will cause logistics support in the delivered product and pick it up, adapt, do maintenance and send it to another consumer.

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The following trends are closely related technologies, including White has stressed the importance of 3D printers, a technology that is still a few years to develop, but that will come soon and change all the logistics of spare parts.

On the other hand, it is the “Omni-Chanel Retail”. Customers want the product “on any channel at any time,” so you have to advocate for flexibility, since the channel becomes “secondary.”

The seventh trend is radical transparency, to the extent that operations are up to date so that customers can view them freely.

Finally, finally there is the “Big Data”. White noted that the advances that occur in this area will be available for everyone. Computing capacity or the way it is summarized and replace measures information in the future “to corporate systems today.”

The eight trends that will change the logistics

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