‘Things’ of e-commerce and its impact on the distribution centers.

The song says – “Three things in life / health, money and love / That the need to care for them / For one lives with them free of worry” ….

In the e-commerce these three things make us health mobile technology gives us, in the money we saved with an error-picking and love, the great differentiator, through voice technology.

It is a fact that the growth of e-commerce facilitates consumer choice, but also challenges distribution centers to keep apace meeting the expectations of consumers faster and error-free deliveries.

According to a recent survey by YouGov Honeywell and most logistics operators have to quickly deploy new mobile devices and voice technology in their stores.

The technology makes distribution centers more competitive


According to the survey, most distribution centers support the multichannel distribution, which means they must have systems to capture information and track assets necessary to process orders received from both dealers and customers digital buyers.

Errors in picking avoid

The survey also notes that the average overall cost of an error in picking is $ 0.59, which is a distribution center loses an average of $ 400,000 a year in errors.

When this significant amount is lost, traders are forced to seek a new technological solution to improve the level of error in orders and reduce costs.

Mobile computers offer solutions capture technology more reliable data, and can equip operators with wireless headphones that facilitate voice guidance thus improving the level of error and speed picking.

The big differentiator, voice technology

To complete this process and always be one step ahead of the competition, voice technology is an invaluable tool to facilitate efficient results workflows in the warehouse. This type of technology can add an extra hour of productive time per worker and month.

But about 25% of workers in distribution centers around the world do not speak the local language, so technological solutions that support multiple languages and facilitate rapid training of warehouse operators are required.

What is at issue is that consumers want their purchases are delivered as soon as possible, increasing pressure on distribution centers under the “logistical mantra” to deliver the right products in the right place at the right time.


Undoubtedly, equip warehouse workers with mobile technology solutions and appropriate technology for data capture and information, offers improvements in levels of error and productivity in picking, which results in an impact positive on the income statement for the logistics operator.

‘Things’ of e-commerce and its impact on the distribution centers.

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