The 6 trends that will transform companies in 2018:

You will get to know fully accessible tools for any SME or entrepreneur, such as neuromarketing applications that you can download on your mobile, big data programs and artificial intelligence that can let you know what are the best moments to start a conversation with your prospect to finalize a sale , … 2018 seems to be the year that will put within reach of the SME tools that have never existed before or that were reserved for large corporations.

1 Big Data

This process of purchase every day more complicated and these prospects unattainable beings, who do not respond to your calls and emails, you can take them on your mobile

ByPath is a big data application with which you can meet the decision makers of the purchase. It is proven that in many cases up to five people are involved in this decision process, which makes the map even more complicated.

The competition in your market is increasing. How can you locate it and know it intimately?

The artificial intelligence applied to the bigdata analyzes millions of data that flow on the internet, social networks and on-line media.

As defined by itself, ByPath is a B2B Business Intelligence Solution focused on the intelligent analysis of Big Data.

Designed by and for commercials, ByPath puts at your disposal the key information adapted to your needs and to your market, thus allowing you to be as efficient as possible in each of the stages of the sales cycle.

With ByPath you get to know:

· Who to contact.

· Why do it?

· How to contact, because I’m doing it.

It allows you, for example, to see the organization chart of a company so that you know which people are going to decide the purchase, who, or to whom, can influence you and who is your competition.

We started, to configure the application, to define my survey area. You have several targeting criteria. You can also import the data from your CRM or your contacts from an Excel.

You can add companies by different criteria

· Geographical area

· Sector

· Size

· By company department

In the next step you will define your work ecosystem, with this what you are looking for is to identify risks and the degree of influence of your interlocutors. To define your ecosystem you can add

· Your customers

· Your competitors

· Your parthners

With this you have already configured your ByPath account. You have already put your algorithm to work, configuring the different alerts that you want to be sent to your mobile. Easier impossible.

ByPath includes all the business information of the Kompass database. This facilitates a 360-degree view that includes financial data, company data (telephone, address, web, etc.) Delegations, solvency ….

Kompass is a leading provider of commercial information and marketing internationally that has been in the market for more than 60 years. It has a presence in 60 countries and has a database of companies and qualified contacts in all of them. It offers its clients access to information and visibility services using a unique classification system for companies and services.

Your information is collected by different sources and updated in real time throughout the year.

In addition to the data provided by Kompass, ByPath is based on the innovative data collection technology that has allowed it to acquire a base of more than 100 million Internet contacts. ByPath uses more than 200,000 Internet sources, including social networks, blogs, media, Twitter, etc.

2 Prospect in semi-automatic.

Traditional prospection processes no longer work. The conversion rates of a tele-operator or an electronic mail have lost in recent years all bellows.

It is proven that to get the same visits for a commercial you need the triple effort. Come on, if the prosperous is the commercial you have all day in the office spending 80% of your time to prospect, to try to get interviews instead of making sales.

An additional problem is the false beliefs of the commercial itself, that new technologies have nothing to do with it.

I find in many cases that I find myself every day, very difficult to adapt to digital change.

I know very good commercials endowed with the best qualities and people skills for the development of their function, overwhelmed by a world that their own biases do not let you see that has changed to new technologies.

Years ago to optimize a sales department, I myself generated together with the marketing team telephone prospection platforms that worked perfectly.

A solution that I have implemented in one of the client companies of SnS is that in the absence of “appetite” to change their commercial, develop a prospecting department using the full power of IT. This department is managed by professional profiles, not so commercial, but if you are adept at working in the networks. With this we have managed to cut back much the cost of prospecting, since the remunerative profile of the administrative-commercial is lower. These prospectors are dedicated, using the company profiles and the commercials themselves generate the value content and contact the prospects, in quotation marks, posing as the commercial and establishing a link of collaboration and proximity with these future clients.

At the time of the visit, your commercial has a fundamental asset, has not been with a stranger, as happened in the past with telemarketing, for example. The merchant, has had time to collect all the information, product of the relationship that the prospector has established with the future customer. Not only have we achieved many more visits, we have cut the cost of prospecting by 50% and increased short-term sales by 20 to 40%. zo of the department. And all this in just 3 months since the system began to be implemented. The important thing is to keep in mind that we are talking about prospecting in semi-automatic. The techniques of an already traditional automated marketing, are losing steam and imposes the trend of working with fewer leads, instead of working by tens or hundreds of thousands in an email marketing strategy, we will use only dozens or hundreds, working in semi automatic supporting us with Chrome extensions like Dux Soup or Linked Helper.

These will serve us to cut the sales cycle and get more new customers and more sales with the same commercials.

3.- Video on LinkedIn.

The video seems to be the best support for your content marketing. We experts say that by 2018, 78% of the content consumed on the Internet will be through the video, and especially from a mobile phone. This does not mean that, although most of the sales cycle is done by your client from the mobile, more than 90% will continue to be done in the off line or from the PC or Mac of the client. With this in mind, today we are adding another way for you to share your experience and perspective with the introduction of LinkedIn video. We started testing the video last month and we have already seen many personal and inspiring videos. These are just some of the many ways you can use the video to share your videos. ideas, learn from others and start new conversations. In the LinkedIn mobile application, look for the sharing box at the top of the font (iOS) or the Publish button (Android) and tap the video icon. You can record a video in the application or upload something you have previously recorded. After posting a video, you can see the audience’s perception, such as the main companies, titles and locations of your viewers, as well as the number of views, likes and comments that your videos are receiving. With these insights you can begin to understand if you are reaching the people and companies that matter to you. You will find information about the public in the section of control panels of your LinkedIn profile, both on your mobile phone and on the desktop. If you do not yet have the ability to publish videos, you will do so as we continue to extend this service to all members of everyone in the coming weeks.

4 Bots of Facebook.

Bots is the syncopation of robots. The robots of Facebook are programs that simulate people whose mission is to generate automatic responses based on what customers consult. They are like virtual assistants. That is to say, their objective is that you do not need to interact directly to attend to a client or a user, but that the robot is in charge of that management. You can see them in many emerging forms on the web, where They simulate a personalized customer service with which you can interact at 5:00 in the morning. You see the smiling photo of a telemarketer emulating a real human being. They are based on a chain of pre-established answers that cover almost all the needs of the user. Although as you know I have a special reluctance to fully automated processes, already set by semi-automatic where human presence, even if only part of the attention cycle or sale to the customer, humanizes and approaches our relationship with the customer, I find the bots an interesting bet that you should not lose sight of during the next 2018.

5 Park Power Point and catalogs.

As I have mentioned repeatedly when your client arrives at your commercial has made an average of 58% of the sales cycle, it is already contaminated by a lot of information that it collects from the network. The objective of a SnS strategy is to ACCOMPANY IT FROM THE BEGINNING and thus it comes to us in a natural and spontaneous way.

6.- Making your commercials appear as influencers or as a little expert in your niche in the networks is fundamental in this 2018.Mantene

2018 tendencias which transform companies

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