5 advantages of having laboratories accredited by ENAC

What is the criterion to find the appropriate laboratory or testing service for my analysis ?, What advantages provides me with an accredited laboratory work ?, the results are reliable ?, will serve me in any country? To remedy these concerns we recommend you read this article.

A laboratory is accredited means that an official body, ENAC (National Accreditation) in the case of Spain, formally recognizes their expertise through a rigorous and comprehensive audit. This recognition given to laboratory offers customers numerous advantages thereof.

Advantages in using a laboratory accredited

1. Make sure the test results: The laboratory accreditation aims to ensure that the results of tests performed by an accredited laboratory are accurate and rigorous. Since it determines that is being made on properly and according to appropriate standards.

2. International recognition of the results: Through a system of international agreements, the results obtained by an accredited laboratory in a given country has recognition in other countries.

This mutual recognition allows the results obtained are more readily accepted on overseas markets, it helps reduce manufacturers’ costs and reduces or eliminates the need for re-testing in another country.

3. It can identify laboratories with high level of quality: Is it good or not? To remedy these concerns, one of the most reliable criteria for selecting a laboratory is accredited is whether and what are the tests which have been accredited. This information is specified in the scope of laboratory accreditation.

4. Endorses the results to clients and administrations: The tests performed by an accredited laboratory represent a guarantee to customers and administrations and are especially important in case of conflict between parties.

5. Continuous assessment of laboratory: laboratories are re-evaluated annually by an accrediting body, forcing the lab to be constantly adapting their processes to meet the requirements and in order to obtain the most reliable results.

These audits are conducted by specialized technical consultants on control techniques that verify that the methods used are appropriate not only that it meets them.

What is evaluated in an audit?

As indicated by the International Cooperation Laboratoy Acceditation these are the main factors of technical competence are evaluated:

• technical competence of personnel
• validity and appropriateness of test
• traceability of measurements and calibrations to a national standard
• suitability, calibration and maintenance of equipment
• conducive environment for testing
• sampling, handling and transportation of test items shall be made
• quality assurance of test and calibration results

What is the ENAC accreditation?

Accreditation of a laboratory represents a formal recognition of the technical capabilities of the laboratory. Therefore, an accredited laboratory is considered a technically competent laboratory for outputting the analytical results.

Also, the ENAC accreditation is used by certain associations or marks, as is the case of the FACE, to consider appropriate results or product information. In this regard, ainia laboratories are recognized by FACE control gluten in food


5 advantages of having laboratories accredited by ENAC

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