The importance of communication in Lean.

Communication never to be forgotten, must flow in both directions. Not information is communication.

As we have seen so far, continuous improvement must be the engine of a Lean organization in which all components contribute ideas to improve the standard. To achieve this change in the culture of the organization, it is essential that everyone is aligned and that we got with the regular meetings.

By definition we consider a meeting as a way of Muda of our process, without any doubt, there are steps in our process that do not add value while at the same time are essential and we have to optimize them.

Here is my proposal to communicate and align the whole organization of an efficient, yet effective.


A operator level with his crew chief

These meetings are ideally 10 to 12 people maximum. For example, the team Receptions with his crew chief, or his head Picking zone.

They must take place at the beginning of each shift, morning-evening, with a maximum duration of 5 to 10 minutes and must begin and end dealing with an issue concerning security, since it is important that we always have the switch Safety ‘ on ‘.

If you already have an age … as this humble columnist, will remember Captain Furillo in ‘Sad Song of Hill Street’ dismiss the daily meeting with his team of Policemen with ‘… be careful out there’.

Besides talking the most important objective of the team, such as the ‘Security’, the results of the previous day are discussed, what is expected of us in today’s turn and reporting improvements and problems resulting from work yesterday.

These meetings will take place before the board team goals that we update during the meeting. The Team Leader will lead the process.

A team heads level with the head of Operations

This involved the various Team Leaders with the Chief of Operations. This meeting can be a little longer, around 10-15 minutes, also before performance panels where the results of the previous day are consolidated with information from different areas and reported by the different team leaders.

At this meeting, besides analyzing the work for the current day, the problems have not been solved in the meetings operator / team leader, assigning responsible will be reported.

This meeting should take place at about 10 am. At that time we still have margin to encarrilar a difficult day …

Operations Management Meeting

At approximately midnight, meets the Operations Center for one last job alignment information and troubleshooting to a higher level and where those responsible for Operations, Safety, Health participate, Environment, Resources human, Planning and Engineering.

It is also a brief meeting between 10 and 15 minutes before a board where we already see more strategic projects in A3 and Operations Center KPIs format.

We must recognize that many meetings, but treated efficiently get the dual purpose of alignment of goals throughout the organization and reporting problems bottom-up and solving them up and down.

… And never forget that communication to be, it must flow in both directions. It is not information, is communication and security should be an important part of it.

As a director of Operations said, “Our first goal is that you will go home in the same condition in which they arrived. That’s right … ‘a little more tired.’ ”



The importance of communication in Lean.

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