Risk Management in the company
The right risk management in the company forms the basis for consolidating success and achieving a better position in the market in the face of competition.

Risk Management in the company
The right risk management that threatens the company becomes one of the bases to consolidate success.
In many aspects of business life the concept of Risk Management is mentioned as one of the bases for consolidating success and staying in the future, both near and far. And we should not think that it only applies to aspects of the administrative or fiscal field, but is also related to logistics management, production, export, etc.

This important tool is recommended by all companies, regardless of their market of activity or the country of performance in which they carry out their business activities. As we saw in the previous post, it is of special relevance for those companies that dedicate themselves, totally or partially, to export, so we will dedicate several posts to explain this concept.

In this way, companies will have the necessary knowledge to simplify the work of exporting and expanding their market, maintaining the quality of their product and the security of its correct delivery in the conditions that the client seeks, avoiding expenses and Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of its management.

The relation of the export with the Risk Management.

ISO 28000, Specification for Supply Chain Security Management, allows for proper export management and is based on the concepts of risk management and supply chain.
As we saw in the previous post, in order for the export to be carried out with all the guarantees of success, a series of tools must be applied, such as the implementation of ISO 28000, Specification for the Management of Security for the Supply chain. Two key concepts, such as the supply chain and risk management, must also be taken into account.

On the supply chain we talked about in the previous post, but we will summarize here the essential thing so that we have clear both concepts. The supply chain is a set of resources and processes ranging from the provision of the raw material to the delivery of the product to the customer, ie, covers the entire life of the product and the different steps that passes in each of the Steps.

The company that exports its products must ensure that they reach customers with the right quality and condition, since future exports depend on it and their future in the market, so all the steps must be handled correctly. Passes the product in his life from birth to delivery to the customer, and in some cases until the elimination or recycling of it.

However, now let’s talk about another key term such as Risk Management for proper export management. This concept becomes one of the essential bases for organizing a company well and to be victorious in the battle for customers in the market, both nationally and internationally.

In this way, Risk Management becomes an integral part of the processes of organization and decision making. Its objective is to create and protect values, as well as to face uncertainty and facilitate continuous improvement. And it is structured in a systematic way, structured, acting at the right moment and dynamic so that this action is fluid and respond quickly to the changes that occur, just as it must be transparent.

We must think that it is based on the use of the best information about the risks to be faced by the company or of which it is known that they can be a threat, taking into account all the human and cultural factors.

Benefits provided by Risk Management to the company:

The benefits provided to the company by the correct Risk Management can be summarized as follows:

There is an increase in compliance with the objectives.
It promotes an attitude of awareness towards the risks and the need for its correct identification and treatment through the company.
There is an improvement in the identification of opportunities and threats.
The resources available to the company are effectively allocated.
Losses are minimized thanks to risk control and the effective allocation of resources discussed above.
It improves the resilience of the company to situations of threats thanks to the identification of risks.

Risk Management in the company

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