ISO 50001: tool for efficient use of energy
UNE-EN ISO 50001 provides guidelines to follow to achieve continuous improvement in energy efficiency in the Organization.

The implementation of ISO 50001 helps companies to make effective use of the energy they need for their activities.
The ISO 50001 standard is set as an essential tool to provides the basis and guidelines to effectively manage and reduce energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions and promote innovation in a constant search for continuous improvement of energy efficiency .

In a world increasingly interested in the care of the environment, where the effects of climate change are not seen as something distant, unlikely and almost science fiction and where we are increasingly aware of the possibility of reaching exhausted natural resources we use routinely for all our daily, both personally and in business, becomes paramount activities using tools like this rule, improve the relationship with the environment and encourage balance.

In this post we will discuss the relevance of the ISO 50001 standard and some key points that define it.


The efficient use of energy: milestone reached by the companies.

The ISO 50001 Standard is having increasing importance in the business world, as can be seen in the increase in certificates issued.

The energy is present in all our activities to the extent that it has become a key essential element and to carry them out. But their influence does not stop there but also directly affects the costs shape and becomes a prominent part of the costs that companies have to face.

Because of these two factors, namely, the need for it and the cost of doing so, the search for energy savings through more efficient use of this it has become a goal to achieve. In addition, it has established itself as one of the bases for sustainability and the fact promote more efficient use of this makes the environmental impact of producing reduced. It follows that it is essential to make efficient use of the energy we need and that we use in the activities.

It may seem simple and logical but is complicated when we implement if we have a number of tools to help us to follow the steps needed to efficiently use energy. One of these tools is the UNE-EN ISO 50001 which sets a number of requirements needed to implement an effective system of Energy Management and helps effectively manage and reduce the consumption of this, reducing costs and gas emissions Greenhouse as well as fostering innovation and awareness of the importance of caring for the environment.

The trend, both nationally and internationally, placing special attention on energy efficiency and the growing concern on climate change, have made this very young norm going to have an increasing relevance in the domestic market as seen with approximate 130 certificates issued by AENOR, as well as at the international level, according to data included in ISO Survey 2013, some 4,826 certificates distributed in 78 countries. Moreover, according to data provided by the German Energy Agency registered certificates worldwide until May of this year and reached the 7345.


The ISO 50001 Standard view through several key points.

ISO 50001 mark as one of the primary objectives of continuous improvement of energy efficiency of the organization.

We can start from the basis that the UNE-EN ISO 50001 has become a very useful tool to achieve an effective compliance with applicable legislation on energy efficiency, and allows cost savings, improve performance energy and reduce CO2 emissions. That is, it allows the efficient use of energy, while compliance with applicable legislation, and also other benefits it brings.

However, if we stay in this simple fact we will be limiting the importance and usefulness of this standard. For this we must also consider that the current rules and trends have both private companies and public authorities give priority and extra points to companies that in their policies and activities carried out energy efficiency activities, thus it is achieving these differ from the competition and are one step closer to the long-awaited sustainability, in the case of not having reached or strengthen it, in the case of longer work at this level.

ISO 50001 also enhances direct and effective awareness at all levels of the company for environmental care and specifically for the efficient use of the energy used at work on a daily basis and helps introduce innovations increase this commitment is fulfilled and allow a simpler and more widely way, fighting against waste and misuse of power.

Finally, we can say that although the UNE-EN ISO 50001 affects many aspects and key points that characterize many more, there is one aspect that completely defines, marks its purpose and is found in both the base and the different chapters of it. And the ISO 50001 mark as one of the primary objectives of continuous improvement of energy efficiency of the organization and this goal revolve many of the guidelines that define it.

ISO 50001: tool for efficient use of energy

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