The 8 major axes of the Revolution 4.0

Industry 4.0 is a very broad concept. A complex gear that we can divide into 8 big axes that make it work:

Big date
Cloud Computing
IoT (Internet of Things)
Augmented reality
Simulation and prototype
Process integration
The great challenge of industry 4.0

The adaptation and individualization of the manufacturing processes to the needs of the customers are fundamental. But not only that, but it will have to be achieved by improving production times, reducing costs and creating a more efficient value chain. The challenge is a challenge of great dimensions.

The role of people

We can not forget the role of people in all this …

To fit all the technologies of which we are speaking, already in itself is a complex process that must be done gradually, gradually.

And probably the biggest challenge for the 4.0 industry is people. To achieve a smooth, efficient and natural coexistence between the human team and the machines, is not a simple task. We are accustomed to that in the factories on the one hand are the machines and / or robots and on the other the people, we are not accustomed to that they interact in cooperative processes.

That wall will gradually fall in favor of greater efficiency and efficiency.

The first step is the change of our mentality. This new paradigm demands an adaptation of the people to a new environment and for that we must be open and predisposed to the changes.

Flagging the Revolution

It will be the more advanced countries that will champion change and implement it more quickly. However, the emerging economies will gradually add up and will also be the ones that can benefit the most.

The employment of the future will be based on jobs that do not yet exist and industries that operate with completely new technologies. This revolution has the power to increase global income levels and improve the quality of life. However, all these transformation processes will have a positive impact, benefiting only those who are able to adapt and innovate.

Now more than ever we must adapt if we do not want to “die”.

The 8 major axes of the Revolution 4.0

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