In every company, there are different prototypes of personalities that, depending on the number and their power in the organization, can dynamically, in a slow but sure way, dynamise the good course of your company.

I have summarized these 5 characters, which you have to watch, do not proliferate in your organization.

1) The temporizer.

The compromiser is often a person with power. In fact, that power is its survival tool because what is for its value would not last a television news in the professional world.

A compromiser is someone who was ascending positions in your organization until, faithful to Peter’s principle, he stayed in the present, exercising his maximum incompetence and nobody has had the balls to return him to the step where he came from. Precisely his lack of value is what makes him dangerous because he knows and will do whatever it takes to stay in his armchair.

The main feature of a compromiser is that he is a survivor. They are people who despite their superiors change they are always there. For this they use a mixture of lies together with a blind obedience to their immediate master who will do all the favors that are in his hand (requested and unsolicited).

Do not you ever trust in a compromiser because, by its very nature, you will sell if necessary to your own mother rather than give up your position of power.

2) The quadridulado.

This character lives in a dogma that nullifies any flash of creativity and even say that of humanity. The worst are those who have been the authors of the dogma in which they live, that is, they have written in their own words the procedures and documentary body they will maintain, at any price, before facing it.

The grid is not as dangerous as the temporizer because it is seen coming because it is a victim of its own bonds and, therefore, predictable. However, the only way to deal with one of these is disobedience. They are those who will be reviewing the evacuation procedure, with the Titanic upright and the piano going over your head.

The grid is not aware of its mediocrity because there is nothing outside the dogma, in fact, as a maximum leader of the same is considered a kind of crusade against anyone who dares question it.

The only advantage of the grid is that it does not establish synergies with the other mediocre ones. Now, it is easily manipulated and frequently used as “useful fool.”

3) The Swiss Army Knife or the Smarty.

This character has departures for everything, dominates any field or topic that you can think of and is not short in proposing solutions to any problem. Often adds a feature that makes it directly obnoxious and it is self-posed as a solver of any problem, whether or not it competes.

He despises the opinion of the one who has the knowledge or the experience to solve the problems and makes the possible to ignore them and that these are ignored by the rest of mediocre. He sees these professionals as a danger given that they are the ones who could deny their “solutions” or, at least, put them to the test.

The know-it-all is often hollow and its solutions do not go beyond some training curriculum or poorly read and worse experienced book. It is very dangerous because sometimes it acquires features of the grid as far as its solutions are concerned and the worst thing that can happen is that another type of mediocre listens to him and believes in him (in his “utility” rather).

4) The strategist or “o rei du regate”.

The strategist, like the temporizer, is a born survivor and that is precisely what makes him dangerous. This guy tells each person what he wants to hear and moves with ease in any type of lio. You will recognize it because when there is a division of tasks you will never see him take one under his arm (let’s not talk about assuming guilt).

The strategist has more waist than Ronaldinho since he is the master of the short bargain. What is prime in its existence in not being signaled and the main mistake in organizations is to give it responsibilities because, adapted to a position where their skills are required, it could be useful.

The strategist’s main problem is that, contrary to what he believes, he has less vision than Mister Magoo and other mediocre ones, with a more developed degree of intelligence, can use it to obtain information with which to crush whoever is against them. A strategist can become a loyal soldier or a staffer according to what suits him best.

It is a bad witness of charge if the trial is against you and is presented by a conciliator before the jury. If you find yourself in that position, I’ll tell you that you’re going to spend more time on the tape than Lute.

5) The fool with initiative.

As Emilio Duró says, there is only one thing more dangerous than a fool and this is a fool with initiative. When one of these acquires

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