Freight rates from Asia to Europe stabilize at levels lower.

Send a container from Shanghai to northern Europe is priced at US $ 271 / TEU, 78% lower than the end of 2015.
Freight from Asia remain downward .; Freight rates for containers shipped from Asia to the world by sea have continued to decline during the third week of April, although with a less pronounced fall than in previous.


With regard to the main shipping route in the world, connecting Asia and Europe, the price of sending a container from the Chinese port of Shanghai to major European ports is set at $ 271 / TEU to Friday 22 April, the same price recorded on the 15th.

During the last week, freight containers sent to the Mediterranean ports have fallen by 2.9% from the $ 409 / TEU to $ 397 / TEU. It is noteworthy that this area ports included in the index to establish the average are the Spanish Barcelona and Valencia.

During 2016, freight from China to Europe have fallen by 78% compared to $ 1,232 / TEU day 31 December 2015, while those sent to the Mediterranean have made 68.4% in the current year, the close above 1,257 dollars / TEU.

Declines in most routes

On the other hand, the price of shipping a container from Shanghai to the United States has also fallen over the last week. Freight to the west coast have fallen by 5.85% to $ 725 / FEU, while exported to the East Coast have decreased by 3% to $ 1,599 / FEU.

Currently, the ports of Europe, the Mediterranean and the west coast of the United States account for 50% of the containers shipped from Shanghai to the world.

As for other routes with less weight for international trade, they fell by 11.1% sent to the Brazilian port of Santos, set at $ 649 / TEU, 7.1% and those departing the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea, to $ 521 / TEU.

also they have experienced declines of 9.3% in those sent to Australia and New Zealand, to $ 342 / TEU, and 5.3% on the route between Shanghai and the African port of Lagos, with $ 841 / TEU April 22, remaining stable envoys to South African port of Durban with $ 317 / TEU, a dollar less than the previous week.

Freight rates from Asia to Europe stabilize at levels lower.

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