High Performance teams: How to avoid toxicity.
In all processes of change in a team, members experience discomfort and a certain level of stress to transcend own comfort zone occurs.


The more mature emotionally members know how to handle a process of change and according to their relevance can successfully overcome it. I am making mention of an internal change in an organization, such as a change of equipment or a change in sector or the entry of new people, etc. The idea of these articles is to better understand the internal inertia in teams. Of course a change of company to another country in another continent is something different and so stress levels.

While many argue that every team experiences a degree of toxicity emotional level of a change, the emergence of negative or toxic emotions is relative to the level of emotional maturity of the leader and the members. At least from my point of view negative emotional states do not always come for a change, it is not inherent in change but the level of development in emotional intelligence of those who make up the team.

The teams with the most inexperience and immaturity high emotional experience in a process of change all sorts of negative emotions that affect performance and this results in poor results.

überarbeiteter geschäftsmann
überarbeiteter geschäftsmann

Then we will see the 4 major toxic that can arise at any time within a team, but the chances of occurrence are increased in a process of change.

The importance of becoming aware of these bad habits is that communicational destroy the emotional health of a team with all that that means:


It is projected onto others their own deficiencies. Blame the outside for any problem is the standard error of reactive people.

The defense

When the person does not feel worthy of words, actions or requests of others, he rejects and tends to be justified.

The indifference

The person is isolated and locks without considering comments or requests from other team members.


It is the most harmful toxic. The person uses sarcasm, irony, disrespect and even insults in the most extreme cases.

Importantly to some of these toxic manifest the appearance of another power.

The four working in day to day of a team will destroy gradually until it became hundred percent dysfunctional and incompetent.

The atmosphere of a high performance team should not be affected by any of these bad habits, who want to work in a good atmosphere avoid them, the more experienced the consciously avoided. You can avoid unconsciously in the case that the person and this never used to create them and not create, is healthy but not fully conscious decision.

The most damaging and harmful is contempt arises when the levels of hatred and anger among members is very high. The leader must remove all but must pay special attention to contempt because it is the most emotional health affects the team.

What actions can take the lead when these emotional toxic manifest?

Clearly explain the consequences of these attitudes is very useful against whom this toxicity issuing verbal or nonverbal communication. In turn you can also explain the concepts and mark when issued some of the toxic, for this the leader must know perfectly how they are expressed and see the time and place that will manifest the team’s presence these toxic.

It can be very useful lead the team to another type of environment than the workplace where the energies are dispersed and probabilities of occurrence decrease.

its effects should be minimized to try to resolve the causes that produce them.

Go to lunch at a different place or go to some extra work event after the workday favors modify climates where members interact and positive connections arise. Members are often more expertise and more positive proponents of these non-work meetings to solve the asperities on the computer.

General solutions to take the lead for each specific toxic:


The solution to the climate Lighten and becomes a more positive is to ask the member that emits toxic that instead of blaming the other person will manifest need something concrete. Of course the solution does not guarantee success but can route to improve the climate and that both parties reach to communicate on good terms.

The defense

Try to objectively seek the common ground of truth between the person who is attacking and defending herself. This routes communication to solve in an objective way the rough edges and improve the climate by a cold analysis of the sayings of both people.

The indifference

The leader must show with great tact and firmness a genuine interest in understanding why the person is isolated, it must be very clever to find the reason, you can appear curious and in good spirits. It must be remembered that the person being protected and is invaded by a fear that can be real or imaginary but the goal should be to find the reason.


Listen carefully is the key reason why the person feels that way, the goal is to achieve with this toxic discharge the person as you can. It is the most harmful toxic and thus solve the most exhausting for the leader. You must be patient and know that the solution will take longer in relation to others. Will have to pay full attention a few hours a person alone, it is more fruitful to do so in the last hours of the day without interruptions of any kind.

High Performance teams: How to avoid toxicity.

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