Artificial Intelligence will judge the gymnasts in Tokyo 2020.

It was expected. The technology linked to the revolution that we live will be deployed with intensity in one of the most important events on our planet. In the next Olympic Games of 2020 in Tokyo we will see it in a forceful way. It will happen for three reasons. One because in just the two and a half years left for the inauguration, the advances that will occur in this exponential phase of innovations, will be very relevant. Some things, especially linked to the communications and the way in which we will access the contents, still do not exist or have not been shown to the public. The second reason why they are going to be celebrated in Tokyo. We’re going to freak out The catalog of robots, automatisms and artificial intelligence that they will show us will be worthy of the world capital of this type of devices. The third for something that has to do with the human essence itself. The technology available in 2020 will be in the hands of global companies that will use the Games as a showcase for these new advances converted into products.

thanks marc vidal for sharing




industry 4.0: Artificial Intelligence will judge the gymnasts in Tokyo 2020.

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