The ‘Kaizen Teian’ is the system of opportunities for improvement reported by anyone within the organization.
The eighth form of waste in ‘Lean’ is talent.
We have insisted from the beginning of this series of articles based on the implementation of Lean begins with the involvement of all to create a Lean culture, and all are ALL.
Must be committed, senior management both Human Resources and middle managers … .. but mostly we get the implication of our team working on the ‘Gemba’, where things happen, our suffering as I commented operators or responsible Continuous Improvement of a famous American company, ‘our associates’.
As mentioned in the introduction, the eighth form of waste in ‘Lean’ is talent. If we think that the role of our operators is simply moving materials from one place to another and paste labels, we are wasting talent.

Yes, and we are also reducing speed locomotive continuous improvement, because if you think people assume welcome the improvements proposed by its management team, it is very wrong and mostly planted with salt land, which believe me is fertile … it just needs the right fertilizer for yielding fruit.
If you think you know better than their workers to improve their processes, I can tell you that you are wrong, you make your daily ‘gemba walks’, ask them and get the best out of them. And most importantly: design and implement a process to report these opportunities for improvement, and commit to the effectiveness of this process that is the basis on which to build that organization Lean beginning to have in your mind.
The ‘Kaizen Teian’ is that system improvement opportunities reported by anyone within the organization. Normally, each person will make proposals on the area where he works, but do not rule out that the proposal concerns an area that does not belong even be encouraged latter, as it greatly enriches the process and enhance the culture of innovation in our organization.
Principal functions
That system should be very agile. The proposal is that the head of Continuous improvement lead and manage the process include the following functions:
• Collect all opportunities for improvement. The printed format must be the same for all teams.
• Manage the answers. It is important to answer in 1-2 days indicating whether to implement or not and if so, to propose an implementation team. Do not tell me that there is little time. The success of the tool, is directly proportional to the speed and quality of response.
• Manage and directly update the database Teian Kaizen, with all the ideas registered and numbered correspondingly.
• Organize a system of rewards. We do not move on. It is generate some incentive and interest. It is not a system of incentives. Serve as a proposal, a gift voucher porhoras holiday.
• Schedule and organize meetings ‘Innovation Committee’ which should meet at the end of each quarter / semester to choose the best opportunity for improvement for the period. At the last meeting the best of the year is chosen.
• Publish on the noticeboard winners of each period.
This motivates the team, but what is even more motivated they are using the proposal for a partner to improve a process solution, or own the best.
Of course, every time you launch an idea, the procedure is amended action in that area. This ensures continuous improvement and standardization.
Or put another way:continuous improvement and standardization
Finally, do not expect 100% of the team members to contribute ideas tipping over. They will not succeed. 40% collaborate in a first phase, it is sufficient cause the corresponding effect and called on the rest.
When we present an opportunity for improvement it is very important positive feedback, even if we consider that the idea is of little or no quality. Sometimes the tiniest firecracker is what makes more noise.
It may happen that an idea that apparently contributes little, whatever it properly screened and enriched give us the best result. And above all, encourage the operator to see motivated to continue ‘playing’. Must be ‘art’ to give positive feedback, when the idea provided by the operator is discarded.
Another advantageous proposal is to include the number of ideas and the quality of them as a factor in assessing annual performance.
No doubt the performance and power of this tool. resources to successfully develop needed, but no doubt the results make it worthwhile.

The ‘Kaizen Teian’ is the system of opportunities for improvement reported by anyone within the organization. The eighth form of waste in ‘Lean’ is talent.

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