Focus on Leadership (Focus)

the so-called “focus” may be one of the main characteristics of leadership. The ability to focus on what is truly important and to concentrate their efforts in raising the necessary steps to achieve the desired objective by organizing the resources at their disposal for the sake of order raised.

The focus, from this point of view, is placed as the cornerstone of any successful strategic direction.

One of the premises to exercise management and leadership effectively focuses on getting attract attention, being necessary to initially get our own focus and then that of those around us (our organization and partners) reaching the last point getting the care of our customers.

As Goleman argues in “Focus” leaders they must possess certain skills to move into their inner world, in the external world and the world of others. Achieving good results is subject to develop these three types of focus. Internally we connect with our intuitions and our values by improving our decision making, the external focus allows us to “circular” properly by the world around us and focus on the other allows us to better development of our relations.

*Observation. Arguably the leader “disconnected” from his inner world is rudderless, which is indifferent to the world around us is lost and gives back to interpersonal relationships is blind.
Under this approach leadership it is to get the balance between the so-called internal focus, based on the culture and environment of the entity, and external focus, located in the reality of the environment where we develop our work.

The objectives and goals that a leader is concentrated, and the path chosen to achieve them (both consciously and unconsciously) determine the attention of his colleagues. The work developed by those around the leader is expressed based on the perception of these in relation to what is relevant to the address: priorities, values, times, etc.

From this point of view it determines the strategy decisions that mark from as forms and structure the organization to pay attention to and “discard” as well as the mode of sending. The focus of the leader determines the priorities of the company as well as the way forward and logically influences the method followed by those around him to achieve them.

A clear example of this particular we have in entities with a wide range of products and services where the Department is unable to focus on a defined strategy because of the different needs of each line, being aggravated problem when the various articles and / or services they have no common points still very difficult to create synergies in development and work.
Focus on Leadership (Focus) -II-
Similarly the leader’s values mark the way to tackle the job by staff around him, the behavior of an organization differs if you are really focused on effective customer service (order management, incidents and general attention) or only its existence lies in maximizing profitability regardless of the means of achieving it.

Great leaders maintain ethical and fair values in the organization to help them in the direction of the organization. Social skills and self-control ability to synergize their needs with those of its partners harmonizing with the desired strategy and defense of ethical values is in their credibility.

It is often noted that business management is divided into dynamics of exploitation and exploration activities. The first focuses on the improvement and continuous improvement of a process or technology capacity focusing largely on the actions of incremental innovation. On the other hand exploration focuses on the pursuit of success testing various strategic options largely different from that so far the company is applying more standing in line disrupltiva innovation.

Surely the winning approach lies in the combination of both strategies so that a combination of “new” to improving what works and perform satisfactorily effected, including periodic alternation of two modes depending on the time and situation. The management of this “duality” balanced leaders invariably accurate, focused and “focused” on the triad which we ourselves, those around us and customers, one of the requirements of our own effectiveness.

Good leaders spend much of their time to work guidance and advice in order to develop and enhance the strengths of its employees, developing the so-called situational leadership, and walked past tell others what to do or focus on making all relevant tasks themselves. This will “accumulate” different styles of leadership that employees combined or extended depending on the situation leading resources to expand its information with data from partners and customers. The final conclusion is that you have greater understanding and flexibility to act in all situations and is better able to cope with all our partners the various steps of the defined business strategy.

Focus on Leadership (Focus)

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