How often do you meet someone who is full of energy, excitement and thoughts that great things are about to happen? What kind of an impact does that have on you? I personally like to be that person, as a positive outlook on life is one of the most powerful tools of the human brain.
In my professional life, I am always amazed at the workout the coffee machine gets at as work begins. Just as amazing are the stories of people who climbed out of bed 5 minutes before they had to leave for work or the number of times the snooze button was leant on in the last moments of desperation.


I have always found people who start their day with a lack of drive usually don’t see a positive outcome on the horizon – they are looking at the glass half full! Begin your day with the power of positive thinking and if you are not sure where to begin, here are a few basic tricks that will help you along:

1.- Start your day with a purpose to achieve something great. Place your dreams, visions and goals around you. Put them in a location that you will not be able to ignore and every morning take 5-­-10 minutes focusing on them. The reasons why we do things have a huge impact on the results we achieve. I once read a story that really demined the impact of ‘why’ we do things. Imagine you were standing in front of a piece of wood 20m long and 30cm wide. If I offered you $20.00 to cross it, would you do it? Sure I would, the why is there and it is simple. Now let’s up the antics a little. Take that same piece of wood, elevate it 30 meters between 2 buildings. Would you still cross the building for the same $20.00? I know I wouldn’t! What about if that piece of wood, 30 meters high between 2 buildings was the only way you could get to your family who were trapped in a blaze of Males and you were their only hope?
The ‘why’ we do things has such a powerful impact on our actions start each day looking at your why!


2.- Surround yourself with people who Empower you and if possible take Entrepreneurial coaching. Find a mentor or a life coach who will keep you on path. The old saying ‘if you hang out with dogs you will catch Mleas’ is so powerful. The small actions we take every day may not have much of an impact on us in that moment of time, but compounded over a few days, weeks, months or years, they will do.
By Minding positive people to associate with, they will Empower you to reach your full potential. If you Mind you have lots of pessimistic people in your life, perhaps you need to Mind new associations.


3.- Be productively persistent with your work, goals and dreams. As mentioned, each day you must set out with purpose that you are in pursuit of your mission in life. This requires persistence, but you have to ensure it is persistent. There is little point setting out to be the rat in the wheel, working really hard but not moving anywhere.
Monitor the time you are wasting on other activities and be willing to sacrifice these in an effort to be more productive. If you spend lots of time on social media, remove it from your phone or set short blocks of time in your day (3 x 5 minute windows) for you to check it. Do you Mind TV takes up lots of your time? Unplug the power cable and delay post it to yourself in 6 months time. See how much more you achieve over this period.

Productive persistence is about the small things we do each day that add up the large amounts of time and effort in the long run.


4.- Positivity in – positivity out. Work on the inputs you are putting into your brain. The human brain is designed for survival and if you constantly feed it information that is sad, negative or generates fear, survival mode will kick in and it take over your sub-?conscious mind, causing negative thoughts.
Think of it this way – a negative attitude is like a piece of rubbish. The longer you leave it, the worse it begins to smell. The longer you leave your negative attitude the worse it smells. Have a “how do we?” attitude rather than a “why we can’t?” attitude.



5.- Spend time investing in your brain and the positive inputs you control. Listen to an inspirational audio rather than the news. Read a book about personal development rather than watching the latest reality TV show. If you are not sure where to start with this material, get in touch. I have a list of inspiring books and audios to pick from.

Walk and sit with power, talk with power. So many people we see walking around that are excited about life walk with wagger. They sit upright and speak with power and enthusiasm. Great posture breeds confidence and optimism.
The power of the spoken word has so much influence in positivity. Whether it’s on a personal level or spoken out loud, ensure your words are Empowering and beneficial. If you Mind yourself talking in a negative manner, stop, take a breath, get in touch with Lifestyle Mentoring and do the complete opposite. Look for the glass half full not half empty!



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