What are the reasons to lose a sales opportunity (CRM)?.

Have you ever wondered, after submitting 100 bids, and only 30 have won, why you lost the other 70?
Clearly, we must identify the reason why we buy from us (next article). But now the survival of your business model is to identify the reason for loss of every opportunity. Besides creating a culture of monitoring commercial reasons for lost opportunities reinforces the culture of transparency among the sales force. And above all:

Only when we identify that reason we can improve the business model

The reasons for loss of opportunity could be infinite, depending on industry, customer or ourselves. By way of example, and in our experience in the sector, these are the 4 types that are implementing a client with SugarCRM Professional, and 21 different motifs that are combined within each of the typologies.

Types of Loss:

Competition: Finally it was decided to hire the competition. Obviously this is a tough loss reason to assume. Ask the prospect that led him to make that decision to know which is the gap that separates you against your competition.

Timing: Whatever the reason – a review of business priorities, project on stand-by, etc. – Is not the right time to tackle the project.

Customer discards the project: This can happen if the project exceeds its economic expectations, it does not meet their business needs or discarded undertake this project.

Low-skilled: perhaps the client does not meet the customer profile you are looking for.


crm3Main reasons for loss of sales opportunities:

Product quality
Quality of service
Change of availability of raw materials
Change of strategy
Changing customer strategy
Changing customer structure
Changing market demand (customer’s customer)
Misalignment of customer values
Lack of customer engagement
Lack of economic viability of the project
Lack of technical feasibility of the project
Product Functionality
Infeasibility for permits / legal requirements
My company profile
Priority Project
Customer Relationship
Delayed response of my company
economic situation of the customer
Supply Chain / Product Availability
Have you ever stopped to investigate the reasons why you lose your business opportunities?

Most companies want to improve the success rate in sales, making its proposals in sales orders. The truth is that companies with better performance, have clearly documented processes, and align these processes with technology decision which is essential for proper tracking sales opportunities and improve profitability ratios and the commercial department.

What are the reasons to lose a sales opportunity?.

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