1. Organizational. It is important to review and adapt leadership style to the nature of the organization and redefine or validate the corporate philosophy (mission, vision and values), so guidelines that will build trust and justice within established, and abroad consider the context and proper identification and measurement of the satisfaction of needs and expectations of stakeholders is achieved, while generating a process of continuous updating to strengthen the competence of personnel operating processes.


innovacion-tecnología-liderazgo-competitividad2. Physical. We must take care that the facilities are free of foreseeable risks and material handling, equipment and spaces, so that the environment is pleasing to the senses, comfortable and safe at the same time, which must be reinforced messages should be systematic and safety devices that generate confidence and stay with audits of order, cleanliness and discipline

3. Operational. All operations must be carried out based on a formally documented model that is based mapping processes and they have defined standards to be met and key indicators that can measure, monitor and improve performance, using recognized techniques for its effectiveness.

4. Administrative. A priority is to comply with the current legal and regulatory documentation and resguardándola identifying it correctly. It is also crucial to record and control the operations supported by appropriate accounting systems and in terms of personnel, you must ensure that an effective system for recruitment, selection and development is employed, from an organizational chart and job descriptions updated and performance evaluation It is showing steady increase

competitividad Porter

5. Computer. The processes must be supported by appropriate computer systems and efficient communication Internet to ensure connection with the environment is essential to leverage the use of social networks for promoting products and its logical complement which are the devices of e-commerce systems that are secure online payment, supplemented with computer peripherals that eficienten key processes. But above all, we must have a system of protection of information so that the integrity and confidentiality of the data is absolutely guaranteed.

6. Commercial. Playing in the commercial field has some basic rules that must be mastered to increase the chances of winning, as; identify and analyze key competitors, have clarity on the competitive advantages and disadvantages, the profile and differentiation of target market segments, to project trends and seasonality in meeting demand. But above all, it is essential that the sales force have policies, knowledge, skills, goals and objectives.

7. Logistics. If you want to participate in structured and formal markets, it is inevitable that the products are labeled based on applicable laws and regulations, and that both container and packaging, satisfy requirements for packaging, storage and transport. In addition, the formalities of sale are legally and already closed backed orders that the shuttle service is efficient and guarantees timely deliveries, giving effective monitoring recovery in case of lending, for which is basic function review and approval of lines.


8. Financial. One of the best practices to maintain control of money is a budget of income, current expenditure and investment expenditure with regular monitoring, with a financial program providing for investment in training, technology and improvement as well as the calculation target cash flow and basic financial ratios (liquidity, operating leverage and performance) to disclose financial health. Of course, it helps to use macroeconomic and sectoral data to contextualize performance.

9. Visual. In saturated and intensely competed corporate image markets and especially the logo should be simple and easy to remember for their ideograms and colors, as they are even making classic brands and their image should be obviously related to the spin and business philosophy, ensuring that the application is varied and reinforcing its versatility based on a manual identification guidelines for use and free of risk of confusion, copy or impersonation.

10. Social. Companies live in communities and their active participation in association with like-minded organizations is highly rewarding in terms of prestige and reputation, so you should review how the company promotes paradigm shifts in the sector in which it operates, how it contributes to social causes that raise the quality of community life, in addition to timely fulfill all obligations and whether further institutional facilities have devices and programs to optimize energy awareness of respect for the environment.

11. Management. To demonstrate the systematic implementation of the practices mentioned, nothing better than the implementation of ISO management systems also certificates, driving most especially companies with “quantum leaps” that would suspect never keep it hidden. At least, comply with national legislation on environmental care and occupational safety and health, are an advantage.



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