How coaching helps you to be the professional you want to be and adjusts to your talents

Personal coaching for students

Many people study a career or vocational training. However, when they obtain the degree they do not always feel prepared for their future employment. It is not only because they lack experience. They need to have a different, daring, winning mentality; something that is not always learned because not many people know it. I speak of personal coaching for students.

What does coaching for students consist of? And how can coaching not only help improve academic results, but also improve the skills and competences of people in the direction of their lives and exploit their talents to the fullest?

Myths about personal coaching

Maybe you have been told a lot about personal coaching for students. And you have some myths in mind about what that figure means.

“That’s only for bad students or people who do not know what they want to do in life.”
“I do not need a coach, what I want is a job.”
“I’m not good enough to get the job of my dreams, so a coach will not help me achieve it.”
“A coach is like a psychologist, I do not need a psychologist.”
And it is precisely that mentality, which keeps us in our comfort zone, which prevents us from opening the mind and contemplating another way of seeing things.

As Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) said in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean:

“The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude to the problem. ”
We are going to try to demolish these myths seeing the advantages that it would have for you to have an assistant, someone with a clear and deep vision of your reality, of your dreams, of your abilities and competences.
A coach, a coach: the Cholo Simeone you need right now in your life.

The basics of personal coaching for university students

I’m going to tell you something that maybe they have not told you: knowledge, university degrees, grades, even curricula … none of that is important.

How is that not important?

Are not we leaving the skin on the road to get that degree, master’s degree, professional training or whatever to get a better job?

I stress: it’s not fundamental.

What is really important is who you are, and what you know what you want to do in life and be happy, adapt your future to your mission, vision and values. And that you know how to develop in what you want to achieve.

Other times we have talked about the importance of finding a vocation, a good and powerful reason to study. This is one of the points that is always dealt with in personal coaching for students.

  • It does not matter if you have good grades in the Master or that you obtain the dreamed title.
    It does not matter if you have gotten the work of what you have studied for.
    It does not matter that you know how to study and know all the study techniques and take some great notes, if it turns out that you do not know what to do with all that to make you happy and be the professional you want to be.
    Because these two questions are key in your life and, in fact, they will have a significant influence on your future

Why is educational coaching?

Questions you should ask yourself

If you want to achieve good results in your life, before you have to do a work of introspection.

  • Who I am – mission
    What I want – vision
    How I would like my life to be – values
    When I would like that to happen
    Is it possible what I want? Route map
    What steps do I have to take to achieve it?
    How can I be the professional that I would like to be?
    What is stopping me from getting what I want?
    And, of course, do not stay alone in introspection. But start to set achievable goals and start developing habits and routines that help you achieve that goal.

How to find out these things then? How can I make decisions when I do not know who I am, where I am going, what I want, or what path I can follow? How to stand firm against obstacles on the road? This is where the role of the coach takes on an enormous meaning.

How does a coach help you while you are studying?

During the time in which one is studying, it is very common to be disoriented. The future seems to you a distant and complicated thing, in which you do not know very well where you will be.

You feel completely lost and do not know what decisions to make.
Although you have decided to study a career or a formative cycle, you still do not know what will be of your life, nor how to focus on that.
You do not know very well, perhaps, yet, what do you want to specialize in?
You dream of changing cities or staying where you are. You want to run away and at the same time get what you have proposed.
You know what your vocation is and you go for it, but the obstacles on the way have made you doubt.

These feelings are absolutely normal in any personal coaching counseling for students. More all In a time of uncertainty like today, where the possibilities have increased. When the options are almost endless, choosing becomes complicated. How does the coach help you? A coach does not tell you what you have to study, nor what decisions to make. It gives you the keys to clear your mind, to make decisions. The coach is not responsible for simply “cheering you on”.

The mood can rise one day and fall the next day. Instead, what you are going to do is much better. It will provide you with tools so that you know how to keep moving forward, self-motivate yourself in a conscious way and face the mood and discouragement. The coach helps you find your reasons, your whys. With it you can make logical decisions, focused on an objective. It helps you to set goals. You learn to search deep within your heart so that your goals and your dreams are as similar as possible.

Why you need a coach in your lifeNone of the great men and women who have achieved their dreams have achieved it alone. None at all. There was always someone in his life, a person who advised them and helps them see things in perspective in moments of doubt. Someone who had the tools to help them think, to be themselves, to find their north. We all need a mentor .

Many people have not found it yet, or do not know where to look for it. Why not have someone who already has the experience of having advised many people, someone who understands you and has gone through the same thing as you? In personal coaching for students we strive not only to help you get a degree Professional training or passing an exam.

I help you see things with perspective and be a self-conscious professional, someone who knows what he wants, steps and finally achieves it. Do you want to be a self-conscious professional? Would you like to know other advantages of educational coaching for students? Leave us your comments here

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How coaching helps you to be the professional you want to be and adjusts to your talents

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