Keys to the transition to the new version of the ISO9001: 2015.

the pillars and the keys to the new version of the ISO9001, could be summarized and schematized in the following diagram:

1. The game has changed

2. New pillars

3. Risk Management

4. Steps for implementation

First we must be aware that the game has changed with the arrival of this new version of 2015


In this new game,

First a.- has to be clear about the context in which it operates, clearly establishing the goals and new business opportunities for organizations

b.- put customers first, in making organizational decisions

c.- identify and adequately manage the risks associated with the company

d.- Increase productivity and efficiency

The 10 pillars would be:



Oriented standard based organizations and process management


Standard oriented and based on the Deming cycle: PDCA: Plan-Do-Check-Act


Risk management process according ISO31000


Convergence plan or transition from version 2008-2015


Keys to the transition to the new version of the ISO9001: 2015.

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