Chargers and operators continue to invest in its logistics efficiency.

In a context of growth in the sector in Spain, both large companies and logistics operators are betting on the efficiency and sustainability of its operations in order to grow.

During the month of March 2016 it has highlighted again the importance that large Spanish companies give their logistics activities in order to achieve greater profitability.

Among other actions, highlights the commitment of Inditex by the efficiency of its operations to keep growing, investment of five million euros Cortefiel held in its logistics platform Aranjuez, or the fact that PSA and Gefco have begun testing the megacamiones in search of greater efficiency.

With regard to current operators, DHL, tripling its logistics area at the airport of Vitoria, has published two reports this month with interesting facts about the sector. In one of them it is stated that 74% of logistics companies has suffered interruptions in its supply chain during 2015, while another report indicates that collaborative robotics will transform the logistics industry.

For its part, UPS continues to increase its fleet of electric vehicles in Europe, while FedEx said it does not fear competition from Amazon, a company that will incorporate 20 new freighters to its fleet to improve deliveries.

In another vein, in a time when record-breaking airfreight, Aena has confirmed that remain frozen airport charges in Spain until the year 2021.

In addition, in March it has also been known hand the need for new logistics work in the Basque Country and ratification by the Supreme fined Competition to Transnatur.

Increase companies and employees in the sector

After a 14% increase in foreign investment in the logistics sector and the transport Spanish in 2015, and an increase of 1.4% in the cost per hour worked and 1.3% in labor costs in this sector during the fourth quarter of the same year, the first months of 2016 maintained the upward trend in the number of companies and employees of these activities.

This exercise has started with 403 new transport and logistics companies, and significant growth in turnover and employment in the sector compared to January 2015. However, it has also increased the annual variation in the number of workers affected for ERE, namely 64% in January 2016.

The corresponding data point Administration to February growth in the logistics and transport sector, with increased recruitment of 14%. Governed by a total of 128 collective agreements, the sector has experienced an increase in Social Security affiliations of workers, businesses and foreigners.

Heavy investment in logistics assets

The surface and logistics facilities continue to be an attractive segment for large investors, as evidenced by the sale of the Platform Logistics Casablanca ‘, developed by Inversiones Montepino, English Rockspring background.
And, while the Spanish logistics assets arouse the interest of big investors, the country also leads the investment in Southern Europe.

At stake investors have been adding new logistical needs of multinational companies that are secured in Spain, as in the case of Amazon, which is making strides in expanding its logistics platform in Madrid.

Chargers and operators continue to invest in its logistics efficiency.

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