From TREIC events we believe that When a team works at its maximum capacity, it is being more creative and solving problems better than if any of its members worked alone. There is a synergy that makes a team more than the sum of its individual components.

Regardless of the function, there are certain characteristics common to all effective equipment. Knowing these characteristics is essential if team members are able to help their group develop into a high performance team.

A high performance team is integrated by those people who pursue a common goal and who have certain skills; think of a football team, where each of the players has a specific role that brings with it a series of acquired knowledge (discipline, training, plays, positions, physical condition, etc.) that will have to be used to defeat the team contrary. For a team to work, there must be trust, which will allow them to cohere naturally, and of course spread a good attitude toward the desired end.

How do high performance teams work? All the teams must have a leader who directs the rest, motivates and supports them so that together the final goal is achieved. The motivation has a particular effect that involves feelings that encourage and increase the desire for personal achievement and improvement, equivalent to a positive energy that will spread to the rest of the members and as a result, creates synergy.

The characteristics that a team must have to operate at full capacity are the following:


Members of high-performance teams share a common goal. They have clear what they have to do, why it is important for them and for the company and when they have to present it. In addition, they can describe what the team intends to achieve, have developed goals agreed by all that are clearly related to the objective of the office. Each member understands their role in achieving the objective.

Potentiation / Empowerment

The members have full confidence in the group’s ability to overcome the obstacles and materialize the objective to be achieved. A feeling of mutual respect allows them to share responsibilities, help each other and take initiatives with which to face challenges. Members have the opportunity to develop and learn new skills. There is a sense of personal power as well as group power.

Relationship and Communication

The team is focused on open communication, and members feel free to express their opinions, thoughts and feelings without any fear. Listening is considered as important as speaking. Differences of opinion and perspective are valued and methods for dealing with conflicts are understood. Through honest feedback, which shows interest, members are aware of their strengths and weaknesses as members of the group. There is an atmosphere of trust and acceptance, with feelings of community. In short, the cohesion of the group is high.


Group members are flexible and perform different tasks and functions as needed. The responsibility for group development and leadership is shared. The strengths of each member are

identified and used and individual efforts are coordinated when necessary. The team operates smoothly and is open to both opinions and feelings. You work hard and you enjoy yourself. Members recognize the tough competition of the banking sector, as well as the need to adapt to permanent change.


High performance teams generate significant results. There is a dedication to obtain high standards and quality results. They carry out their work, meet the deadlines and reach the objectives. The team has developed effective methods for decision making and conflict resolution that generate optimal results and encourage participation and creativity. Members have developed strong skills in the process of group functioning as well as task fulfillment.

Recognition and Appreciation

The team leader, as well as the other members, frequently recognize individual and collective successes celebrating events and events. The team’s results are appreciated by the rest of the company’s teams. Members feel highly appreciated within the team and experience a sense of personal satisfaction in relation to their work in the team and their contribution to the generation of company results.


The members are enthusiastic about the work of the team, and each member is proud to be able to belong to it.


Resultado de imagen de equipo alto rendimiento


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