The Art of Selling: What You Want is to Sell, Not Give a Speech

Many times I encounter this problem in the value propositions that the companies that I consult I design.

It is something that I work in depth with my clients.

The problem is the following:

When small business owners design their value proposition, that is, what they are going to convey to the customer, they do not think about the customer, but about themselves.

These announcements of information of products full of characteristics and new technology, in the slang of the sector, that the ones that we are outside we do not know.

Those company presentations saying how good they are, the years they have been in the market, the training of their staff.

We always talk about us, our company and how good we are, we do not talk about the customer, not what you want, or satisfy you ……. We must change the Chip and Clik

To whom are they conveying the message, to their clients or to their competition?

Customers do not care, most of the time because we do not know in depth the sector, the characteristics of your product.

If I buy a washing machine I want to know that I will leave the clothes clean, that treats the clothes well so that it breaks down less and that consumes little energy. For example.

That will matter to me when I’m already interested in that model of washing machine. In a second moment. But it’s not something that catches my initial attention.

You have to convey something that captures the initial attention of the clients, so that they come to step two, ask for characteristics.


This is about your customers and theirs, not us

Not about our company.

For many entrepreneurs, large, medium and small, not presenting the new features or new technology implanted in their products or services seems unthinkable.

What will the competitors think? Are our products or services going to look inferior?

Many people think that if they do not put all the good they are, all the technology they carry their products and services, every year they are in the market, they will look less than the competition and they will lose market.

And in no way can I seem less than the others.

This way of thinking worked and much during the second half of last century.

Most companies and managers continue to think so.

Most colleges and business schools continue to teach that.

But that does not work anymore because it is not about us, but about our customers.


This is not about us

Get out of your office. Go down to the street and talk to your customers.

You do not have to convince yourself, You have to convince your customers, they are the ones who will buy you.

Analyze the value propositions of the companies that are really successful. Of those that have 30, 40, 60 years.

They talk about what they help us to get as people.

And if you ever have to give a speech or speech then yes: talk about you, your company, how good it is, this is your place …

The Art of Selling: What You Want is to Sell, Not Give a Speech

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