PESTEL ANALYSIS: identification tool the context of the organization
In this article I present a tool to identify the external factors that directly affect the organization. What is the PESTEL analysis? Does the use of this tool guarantee us compliance with the requirement to identify the organization context of ISO 9001: 2015? What external factors does PESTEL analyze? How can we do it? I will show you examples of each one of the factors, to facilitate you that you can apply it of simple form in your company.

What is the PESTEL analysis?

It is one of the tools most used by companies to identify the external aspects of the organization. The external factors that we can analyze through PESTEL Analysis are: political, economic, social, technological, ecological and legal factors.

Does the use of this tool guarantee us compliance with the requirement to identify the organization context of ISO 9001: 2015?

The new requirement of ISO 9001: 2015 states that an identification of the internal and external factors of the organization that affect the organization must be made. Usually, the factors that we can control and identify more easily are those that are internal to the organization, since they apply directly to us, and we have the capacity to modify them if necessary.

Often, it is about the external factors, that we can not influence them, where we have more difficulties to identify what it applies or not to my company. In order to perform this external analysis of the organization, one of the tools that you can apply is the one that I present in this article.

Likewise, in order to comply with the requirement of the standard, as I have said, you should analyze both internal and external factors, so that apart from this tool, you will need another one to fully meet the requirement.

If we perform a complete analysis of the organization’s identification, I have considered three tools, which you can see in the following image:

Then I leave the links, so you can know what each of the tools that we are dealing with.
PESTEL analysis: identification of external factors
SWOT analysis: identification of internal and external factors
CAME analysis: action plan

NOTE: In order to avoid elaborating a complicated and complicated system, to put together the quality management system, only apply the SWOT analysis, since the subsequent analysis derived from the identification of the context of the organization, can be done with other tools Already present in the system, such as risk management, quality objectives of the processes, analysis of results in the minutes of the meeting of the system review, etc.
I give you to know these tools, so that each of the steps you have to do, you know that you have easy guidelines to apply, and that practically do not have to think anything, simply follow a script to be able to establish the correct implementation of the system.

What external factors does PESTEL analyze?


If it is foreseen a political change or if there is a continuity of its policy in the next 3-5 years and what will be the impact that will be produced within my business project, that can be positive or negative.
– Will the government change the fiscal conditions for companies?
– Will the government change the legislation that applies directly to me?
– Trade agreements are expected to change with other countries, customs, taxation …


We will have to analyze what economic effects can affect me in my business project.

Are we in a period of growth or recession in our country?
In the countries where I sell my products are in the process of expansion or recession?
Does the company affect the evolution of the current world economy?
We will have to see how it affects us whether it is positive or negative.

There are industries that work very well in expansion cycles such as credit delivery, training … but instead recession cycles are optimal for other businesses.


As people’s behaviors can affect my business project, it can be positive or negative.
Are people changing buying habits?
Are people changing the way they communicate?
Are there habits toward collaboration?


Depending on the industry, these factors will impact more or less impact.
What technology are there now?
Do you anticipate a technological change that can impact my business project?


Is social consciousness changing about climate change?
About renewable energies?
Does this affect my project? How affects?


How is the tax system?
Are changes foreseen for tenders and tenders?


In the following image I show you examples of the important aspects to analyze for each of the factors that affect your company. You must take into account that you must analyze all aspects and affect positively or negatively your company.

ANÁLISIS PESTEL: ISO9001:2015: Herramienta de identificación del contexto de la organización

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