8 reasons yo can’t afford to ignore condition monitoring

The value of condition monitoring reduces maintenance time and labor costs. Monitoring your assets’ conditions using gauges and clipboards is no longer cost-effective. Today, the Industrial loT allows you to identify and address issues before failure occurs, and optimize your assets and processes to be more efficient.

Reduction in maintenance costs

See a 50% reduction in maintenance costs. This Includes costs normally associated with maintenance, such as labor and overhead, and actual materials cost of repair parts, tools, and other maintenance equipment.*

Cut mean time to repair

Time is money so if you can reduce mean time to repair by 60% you win. Better plan each repair and reduce MTTR by pinpointing precisely where the issues are in specific machines, thereby eliminating guesswork.*
Reduction in spare parts costs

A 30% reduction makes an impact on your bottom line. Rather than order and stock a full inventory of spare parts, condition monitoring provides sufficient lead time to order parts as needed.*

Condition monitoring provides sufficient lead time to order parts as needed

Reduce downtime

A 40% reduction in downtime. By performing maintenance only when needed, operators reduce the frequency of planned shutdowns, keeping assets in service more often.**

Reduction in machine failures

55% reduction in machine failure. Just during the two-year period after implementing the predictive maintenance program. With regular monitoring, projected reductions increase.*

Extend asset life

Extend asset life by 30%. Based on five years of operation with predictive maintenance. Condition monitoring programs help prevent serious damage to
machinery and systems, increasing the operating life of assets.*

Increase in asset availability

30% increase in asset availability. By monitoring asset health in real-time, operators can forecast degradation or pending failure, and modify maintenance or production schedules.**

Increase production

8 reasons you can’t afford to ignore condition monitoring – increase in production image – Parker Hannifin​Increase production by 25%. Through consistent, accurate condition monitoring , operators can avoid unplanned downtime and optimize assets to operate more efficiently.**


8 reasons yo can’t afford to ignore condition monitoring

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