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Entrepreneurs and executives tend to admire the work of visionary leaders like Elon Musk and Alan Mulally and put them on a pedestal.

You may believe that the people you admire are ready, lucky ones or creative than you, but the truth is that many of the features that stand out can be grown by anyone.

These attributes dictate how these leaders respond to adversity, help them maximize their resources and have led them to make decisions that out from the rest of the people.

Here I leave five CEOs I admire and qualities they have and that any entrepreneur can imitate to boost your way to success.

1. Elon Musk: Constant innovation
This man, who is the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors, has revolutionized entire industries through its approach to challenge the status quo.

Both companies faced bankruptcy in 2008 so Musk was forced to decide between two firms hold half or move all its resources to potentiate only one. The employer risked keep both companies and that decision paid off.

Today, Tesla gains than General Motors and Ford at 20 percent, while SpaceX is one of the companies that NASA hired to develop new space conveyors.

“If something is not failing, then you have not innovated enough”, they say the employer.

If something is not failing, then you have not innovated enough
2. Nick Woodman: Concentration
GoPro CEO earned his “idea of a million dollars” when he found a good camera that allows you to take quality photos while surfing.

After months of intense concentration, she was born the first prototype of the device. Now Woodman is completely focused on the development of a program that allows the camera GoPro easily share videos.

GoPro company was founded 12 years ago and is now synonymous with images of adventure, it has generated a wealth of 1.3 billion dollars for Woodman.

3. Allan Mulally: Resistance
Mulally, former chairman and CEO of Ford Motor Company, is responsible for one of the most impressive business revivals in history.

This man brought the company billions of losses and prevented filed for bankruptcy without the need to seek help from the government. He created a new business culture where the most important work was based on positive leadership team.

4. Shantanu Narayen: Adaptability
Businesses stagnate usually die.

Adobe Systems CEO sat at his desk one day and realized that software distribution across physical disks was destined to fail. Then he decided to transform the popular Adobe Creative Suite to a subscription model.

It was not the first to think so; Netflix did before with its streaming service. But the empire Adobe design was based on the box sets that were presented once a year with new versions of the program. Narayen changed the distribution system of the company and thus multiplied the number of users.

5. Philip Krim: Re-Imanigación
CEO Casper has done something that seemed impossible (and even unnecessary): completely re-imagined the process of buying a bed. From price to delivery – the mattress comes compressed in several boxes average- size, this startup offers things that no conventional furniture gives, as a trial period of 100 days.

This company born last April won $ 15 million in funding and a million profit in its first month of operations. Kim proved that innovation is not just a matter of major technology companies.

How successful cultivation characteristics?
As a leader, you may not have all the qualities I mentioned above. That’s fine. What is really important is to know what features you are natural and which are not.

You do not have to follow any advice that is given to you, but if you must remain receptive to new ideas. Analyze your actions and calls for regular feedback as you earn experience and find out what your strengths and what your weaknesses.

You do not have to follow any advice that is given to you, but if you must remain receptive to new ideas
To develop the best thing to do your own leadership style is to find a mentor who will share their experience and give you a new perspective to solve the challenges that will face. These mentors can be colleagues, potential investors or even leaders completely different from yours industries.

Nor do you base solely on the experience of your mentor, he is also studying success stories. As Consumes article, news, book, blog, documentary and news you can find on how to deal with obstacles.

Finally, make contacts for different perspectives to yours. Take advantage of workshops, conferences and other opportunities to meet people with a different point of view than yours.

Many of the leaders you admire are not super-humans-have worked hard to use the correct way the qualities that have for their organizations.

Remember, when you embrace your greatest strengths, you become a better leader and a catalyst for change.


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