5 KPI’s to measure traffic to Excellence LEAN:

The transformation towards excellence LEAN a company can be measured, in our opinion, with five key indicators, no more

And this is true not only for Industrial Company, but for any other, the scope whatsoever, including Hospitals, Banks, Insurance, etc.


The first measures the evolution of the real productivity of the company, without fooling ourselves solitaire:

Per employee -Facturación

There are two others who are often conflicting, because improving one can assume, and often is, worsening the other:

                -OEE / OOE (Overall Equipment Efficiency / People)

                -OTD (On Time Delivery)

In the end, improving OEE means increases capacity of key machines via reduction of downtime (D: Availability), improved standards when the machine is running (R: Performance) and quality (Q)

The most perverse temptation to improve availability is to reduce the number of changes, but that goes against the OTD, causing further delays in deliveries

In my humble opinion, the OTD (on time delivery) is the one that must take precedence over all others, because if the LEAN stands for something is the ability to make mixed production with minimum lots and on time …… .. remember that “what is needed, when needed and with the quality needed”

But not only that, if we focus on drastically reducing (eg half) delivery, we are forcing the entire organization to eliminate operations No Value / wastages: I deeply believe, because that is what I taught my Japanese teachers , to reduce the lead time is a powerful way to improve productivity … .in many cases lived in LEAN transformations of our customers, it is simply the best way to make quantum leaps in productivity

The reason is clear: these drastic reductions of lead time force us to connect operations value each other, avoiding handling, transportation, waiting, etc … ..despilfarros all

In fact, when a customer asked me, I suggested that if we go to a strategy of reducing lead times, you can not go and not go at once (like the cat Schroedinger, who is alive and dead at the time) : o it goes directly to achieve 100% on-time delivery with the new deadlines or simply, it is not worth for much … there will be customers who would give priority over other than “punish” with delays (which are very angry) … .I do not believe that

typical of what I’m telling example: Project lived reduction deadlines half in a major multinational Elevators / Escalators: If you do not get the materials (all materials, of course) to the works in the new deadlines, hundreds of workers are left standing in the middle of cities across Europe

very important clarification: if we reach a quantum reduction of lead time, and get in 100% of cases, we have to make more changes in key machines; it will lead to decreases in OEE; classic pre-LEAN say that then, according to system costs, will be producing at a loss …… ..I would say, cambiad system costs, because that simply is not true … .but that’s enough topic for another written

To end this issue of drastic reductions in lead times, but I do not like being heavy with the examples, the model is obvious: ZARA designs, makes prototypes and manufactures and places the new designs in all stores worldwide in fifteen days; its most direct competition needs four months … ZARA is the company that wins the world. It is not the one with the best PLM, ERP or best, is the one that best manages its value chain; and manages it from start to finish, deeply, but above all … .. !! quickly !!

The last two indicators that close the circle are:

                -level Of stocks

                No -costs Quality

These last two indicators monitor that we’re not deluding, making deliveries on time or based on hidden stocks that meet our quality standards with a inasumibles costs


With these five KPI’s can perfectly follow the evolution of any company to Excellence LEAN


5 KPI’s to measure traffic to Excellence LEAN:

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