In the professional field this point acquires a special importance, since you must continually engage in conversations and have first meetings and meetings with clients, suppliers, business partners, workers and potential employees. One of your purposes is the inspiration of your confidence, increasing your empathy and assertiveness when it comes to providing inputs and learning to project an honest, trustworthy and pleasant image.

Tips to make a great first impression

These are some of the tips you can find in the chart:

Be yourself, do not fake, Empathize quickly through your essence
The handshakes should be firm and last 3 to 4 seconds, according to experts. Researchers from the University of Alabama discovered that a good and firm handshake indicates that you are an outgoing, positive and emotionally expressive person.
It is recommended to wear simple colored clothing when you go to your first business meeting. It is also advisable to take a few minutes to take a look at the profiles of the people you will talk to. According to Dorie Clark, author of "Reinvent yourself: define your brand, imagine your future", finding common connection points will help you create an emotional connection and even build the foundations of a good relationship.
Do not cross your arms or you will look hostile. By opening your "body windows" you will give an impression of greater closeness and accessibility, as revealed by Patti Wood, an expert in body language.
Smile naturally during the conversation.
Disdain the use of phrases, which will make you look more clumsy and less confident.
Keep eye contact and practice active listening to show others that you are inside the conversation. You can also ask follow-up questions that will improve the flow of the dialogue.
Maintain a body distance of not less than 45 centimeters with respect to the other person, as revealed by Talent Smart experts. In this way, you will cause you not to feel invaded.
10 tricks to make a good first impression

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