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A few months ago, an investigation was published by Mª Jesús Álava from the University of Navarra who said that happy companies are 31% more productive.

It is an important fact to keep in mind, but what is a happy company? It could be understood as one whose employees are comfortable, work committed, there is a good atmosphere and good results. So we could summarize in a few words a happy company.

It is important to promote an Intelligent Optimism in our teams, this does not mean that everything is rosy, it consists of assuming the setbacks of our day to day with the best of attitudes.

It is about turning problems into challenges, into opportunities to learn and grow, even into catalysts for changes that can sometimes come very well in our companies.

There are companies that, faced with a problem, have managed to manage it in such a way that they not only solved it, but also came out stronger from it.
As for example Cascajares, a company that was born in the nineties as a small poultry farm, and that before an excess of capons that there was no way to sell, it occurred to them to put them in cans. Well, that not only solved the problem but it meant a reinvention, becoming a large agro-food company with an international dimension at present.

Yale University affirms that a positive attitude improves the results between 65 and 100%.
This is simply a matter of statistics. Those professionals with a positive attitude are not going to “throw in the towel” so easily, and by trying more times the chances of success increase.

On the other hand, good Operational Management is necessary by leading our companies with a healthy and motivating Leadership so that we can achieve the best results with a committed and motivated team.

A Motivated Team will achieve better results, and at the same time a Team that achieves results will be happier, it is a circle that is fed back.
Finally highlight the motivating effect of recognition within the company to reinforce those actions that help progress.

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Relationship between business productivity and happiness

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