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Action Plan for Business Management: The 14 Deming Points.

Deming’s Point 14, which brings together the concepts outlined in the previous 13, is nothing more than an action plan for directors to achieve the transformation of their organizations. What does it consist of? We will list the suggestions that the author offers:

The directors with authority will fight for the fulfillment of 13 first points, and against deadly diseases and obstacles.
The directors will be proud to adopt the new philosophy and their new responsibilities at the risk of being isolated from their peers.
The directors will explain to the entire company or, at least, to the critical positions why the need for change.
The processes will be identified and each will be divided into stages. Each stage has a client: the next stage. The final stage is the one that will serve the final customer. Harmony and concordance between stages is required. Each one will work optimally.
Begin immediately, quickly, to develop an organization to guide continuous improvement. Here the author mentions the cycle of continuous improvement. Although the original author was Walter A. Shewhart, Deming adopted it for his philosophy and viralized it in such a way that today we all associate it with him. For the correct use and optimization of this cycle, the application of statistical methods is suggested.
Everyone can be part of a team, which should improve the entrances and exits of any stage. A team could be made up of people from different areas of staff. Each team has a client.
Each team should embark on the establishment of an organization for quality.
Deming also provides a complete list of questions that a team should ask themselves when they settle. We invite you to know them and apply them in their organizations.

As a reminder, we will briefly mention the famous 14 Deming Points:

Create consistency in the purpose of improving the product and the service, with the objective of becoming competitive and remaining in the business, and providing jobs.
Adopt the new philosophy.
Stop relying on inspection to achieve quality. .
End the practice of doing business on the basis of price. Instead, minimize the total cost. Tend to have a single provider for any item, with a long-term relationship of loyalty and trust.
Improve constantly and always the production and service system, to improve quality and productivity, and thus reduce costs continuously.
Implement training at work.
Implement leadership
Discard fear, so that everyone can work effectively for the company.
Break down barriers between departments.
Eliminate the slogans, exhortations and goals to ask the workforce zero defects and new levels of productivity.
Eliminate work standards (quotas) in the plant and eliminate management by numerical objectives. Replace it with leadership.
Eliminate barriers that deprive workers of their right to be proud of their work.
Implement a vigorous program of education and self-improvement.
Put all the company’s personnel to work to achieve the transformation. Transformation is everybody’s job (the Action Plan described above).

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Action Plan for Business Management: The 14 Deming Points.

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