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One of the most important obstacles that a team lives in its path to excellence is the high level of ambiguity that can be generated in their daily lives. Living in such changing environments where uncertainty is so high requires teams to have effective tools to counter ambiguity. Faced with the ambiguity of the environment, the clarity of the leaders.

Six are the questions that every team must ask to provide this necessary clarity that allows them to navigate the turbulent professional waters.

Six questions that become a powerful intervention tool: It is not so necessary to give correct answers, but those answers should go in the right direction. Matiz very subtle but tremendously important. This is how Patrick Lencioni puts it in his book on healthy and toxic companies

Why do we exist?

All organizations should exist to improve people’s lives. It does not mean that they improve their lives significantly or that they do it to everyone. They can be very subtle improvements and to a certain group of people. If this is not understood, organizations are bound to fail and their managers make reactive and short-term decisions.

How do we behave?

It is a question that hides answers related to the principles and values ​​of any team or organization.

Identifying and adhering to values ​​will not only attract talent but will attract customers.

What do we do?

This is the simplest question to answer. No unnecessary frills or superfluous flourishes. Direct, simple and clear.

How will we succeed?

Answering this question we will find the strategy of any company or team. The strategy, according to Lencioni, is “the set of intentional decisions that a company takes to have the opportunity to progress and differentiate itself from competitors”

What is most important at this time?

When everything is important in a company, then nothing is important. Pay attention to a priority for a certain period of time

What does each one have to do?

There is little to contribute to this question because the need to provide clarity in the division of work and knowledge of where each person’s responsibility begins and ends is of incalculable value in any team. No matter how complex an organization is, it is necessary for its leaders to know this important aspect in detail.

And all these answers should fit on a simple sheet. Everything that exceeds that size is too complex to take place. Everything simple is magical.

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key questions to achieve a high performer team

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