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Inspector of logistics and quality security

Surveyor services: quality incidents

The main function of this professional is the inspection of ships to control compliance with safety and quality plans, that is why it analyzes the new regulations and their implementation in the quality system. It also carries out inspections and audits on board ships. The inspectors work either for the State (in this case they depend on the General Subdirectorate of Security, Pollution and Maritime Inspection) or for the insurers or the shipping companies themselves, or for Classification Societies.

The Subdirectorate General for Safety, Pollution and Maritime Inspection has the following functions related to Maritime Inspection:

Organization and execution of inspections and technical, radioelectric, safety and pollution prevention controls for Spanish civil ships, those under construction in Spain and foreigners when authorized by international agreements.
Approval and homologation of apparatus and elements of ships or the materials and equipment thereof.

The Classification Societies, in the navigation industry, are non-governmental organizations or groups of professionals with the aim of promoting the safety of human life and property (ships, platforms submerged in the sea or platforms on the surface at a distance of the coast) as well as the protection of the marine natural environment. This is achieved through the development of Classification Rules, the confirmation that the design of the ships complies with these rules, the inspection of the ships during the construction period and the periodic inspections to confirm that the ships continue to comply with these rules.

Tasks and roles and responsibilities

The tasks of the maritime safety and quality inspector can be specified in the following more specific functions of each type of inspector:

  • It carries out inspections and audits on board ships to evaluate, monitor and report on its status and the products it transports.
  • Inspect equipment for new or existing vessels to ensure compliance with standards and specifications. These inspections consist of surveys on structure, machinery and equipment (navigation, safety, radio, etc.), and the general condition of a vessel. It also includes reviewing the materials on board.
  • She is part of the shipping inspection team responsible for compliance with safety and quality plans such as Tanker Management and Self Assessment (TMSA), both on board ships and in offices.
  • Analyze the new regulations and their implementation in the quality system.
  • Conduct surveys of the life of the vessel (new construction, annual survey, intermediate study, special study) to ensure that it maintains the established standards.
  • It carries out inspections required by the internal statutes and international conventions of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).
  • Presence of tests and emergency operations and safety of machinery and equipment.
  • Measure the weight of the boats and properly locate the cargo.
    Investigate marine accidents.

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Surveyor services: Inspector of logistics and quality security

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