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What can we and should we contribute from the University in Spain be prepared and beyond, to be able to catalyze industry 4.0 in our environment?

Ten keys of the University 4.0  

the 4.0 industry needs 4.0 talent and one of the “talent pool” of said talent is the 4.0 university. These are some of its keys: The real collaboration between the university and industry 4.0 to build real and virtual spaces for the development of talent 4.0 with cutting edge technology.

  • The alignment of the competences and standards of the curriculum with the reality of the market and digital transformation, fruit of the joint work between university teachers and industry professionals 4.0.
  • A methodology focused on “learning by doing” and project-based learning, with real entrepreneurial experiences and a new role of the university professor as mentor and coach.
  • The introduction in the university of technology as an enabling and transforming tool of learning (see our entry on education 4.0 and digital transformation, its challenges and developments).
  • The dual training in the company from the first courses of the degree as it already happens in Germany, with mentors and tutors of the industry 4.0.
  • The complementary training of STEM profiles and technical skills in digital business, creativity, innovation, communication, leadership and teamwork.
  • The collaboration with the pre-university training, as it happens already in the University Technical Colleges (UTC) English.
  • The combination of online and face-to-face training. The creation of specific university programs of talent search, intra-entrepreneurship and acceleration of startups in collaboration with Industry 4.0.
  • The design of specific degrees and postgraduate courses focused on the new competences and professional profiles required by industry 4.0.

It is the responsibility of companies and SMEs aware of the challenge posed by Industry 4.0 – in a decision full of audacity – to work hand in hand with public and private initiative in order to create university training spaces that truly encourage talent 4.0.

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Ten keys of the University for Industry 4.0

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