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Everyone at the IPSoft technology company talks about an artificial intelligence platform as if it were a woman. So much so that even has a name: Amelia is called and, if installed in all call centers in the world, could leave 250 million people without work.

Get scared
fluently up to 30 languages, learn all the
content of complex manuals in just a few minutes and can learn to interact with humans in different situations. In fact, Amelia has even one face: she is an avatar that appears on people’s screens and, with her blue eyes, looks at customers’ faces.

It is not a new product, much less. The company, in charge of Chetan Dube, has been developing AI for more than 16 years. It is not, like IBM’s Waton, a response to the potentials of Big Data and Analytics, but rather, a product that comes a little closer to human cognitive abilities-both intellectually and socially. Amelia asks questions, analyzes the tones of voice to understand the real meaning of the speech and her answers are, at times, as efficient as any customer service representative. Even more, because it does not put you on hold.

It is, in some way, the answer to the prayers of the service managers who need to improve their customer service. Installing it in a call center means having an efficient employee in minutes, without necessary training. Answer calls, answer emails, correct errors; If you do not know the answer, google it. And when you find the information, become an expert.

A process that does not stop

It works in the cloud, so it’s always available, without taking vacations. It can be adapted to an oil company or a mass consumption without emotional crises in between. He does not have lunch, he does not take time to have a coffee in the rest area …

For companies it is the perfect employee. For the workers you intend to replace, not so much. Amelia is part of an automation process that occurs around the world and could trigger in another, perhaps more frightening, the so-called technological unemployment.

According to Gartner, for next year platforms like Amelia could reduce the plant that provides IT support services by 60%. Today, these repetitive jobs are done by humans who promoted the outsourcing movement, boosting the economies of emerging countries such as India, where the costs are much lower than in other more industrialized economies.

From IPSoft they relativize it. “Imagine what the world would be like if people did not have to do manual work and could dedicate themselves to the creative activities that make them happy …”, says Dube. In that world that he imagines he still does not fully explain how that new economy would work.

The world of cinema there are hundreds of films that deal with robots. Machines that talk and share their lives with humans and even turn against them. But is it just science fiction? Amelia, a peculiar robot, seems to turn into reality what many have imagined: perform human tasks almost perfectly.

Amelia is a sophisticated system based on artificial intelligence capable of performing different functions and that could leave many people unemployed. It is a machine capable of working 24 hours a day without getting sick something that big businessmen have always dreamed of. Does it give a little scare, right?

What is Amelia capable of?

Considered the first virtual agent she understands as a human, Amelia can perform customer service tasks as well as a normal person. His system is inspired by the human brain, so he learns while he works and becomes more “intelligent” with the passage of time.

The thought process of this robot, designed by the company IPsoft, could be explained in 3 steps: if you understand your question, it responds without problems; If you do not know the answer, you can find it by searching the web and if you can not resolve it, you “consult” with a human partner, observe his reaction and save that information for future reference.

Amelia can be implemented directly from the cloud and the idea of ​​marketing it is simple: offer companies a virtual agent that performs the most repetitive tasks and can invest their human capital in performing more complex tasks and develop creativity. Will it be the end of customer service jobs ?.

Another thing that characterizes Amelia is that she knows how to speak 20 languages, something quite complicated to find in a person, which increases her efficiency when answering questions from anywhere in the world.

While other technologies require humans to adapt their behavior to interact with them, this virtual agent is “smart enough” to copy behaviors. Not only does she have an IQ but she is also able to feel human emotions and respond appropriately to them.

This sophisticated artificial intelligence system came to light a few years ago and Amelia 2.0 is now commercialized.

I do not know if it happens to you, but every time I talk to a machine when it comes to solving problems with my telephone company, for example, I feel the unstoppable need to talk to a human agent. It is claimed that this robot would be able to successfully perform work in a call center 99%

Maybe it will be a matter of “getting used to”, but with cases like Amelia I have the feeling that soon the customer service positions will disappear as we know them today if they end up being as efficient as it seems.

After this I am left with some questions turning in my head. Will the new systems of virtual agents be able to replace the work of humans? Why is Amelia a woman and not a man? What do you think?.

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